“My Grandmother Can Do That”: Fans Show No Confidence in Mike Tyson Backed “Mexican Monster” David Benavidez as He Issues a Chilling Warning to Canelo Alvarez After Jermell Charlo Fight

Published 10/03/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

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David Benavidez didn’t wait long. Fresh off Canelo Alvarez’s emphatic victory over Jermell Charlo, Benavidez made a peculiar move. Instead of words, he chose shadowboxing. FightHype.com caught it all, a display of silent bravado. Some viewed it as audacity. Others, mere theatrics. Without throwing a punch at an opponent, can a message be sent? Can shadow punches hold weight?

Interestingly, Mike Tyson thinks so. The Heavyweight legend has publicly backed Benavidez’s capabilities against Alvarez, adding a curious twist. With such an endorsement, Benavidez’s antics seem more intriguing. They raise eyebrows, questions, and heart rates. Does this hint at an impending challenge? Or is it a mere statement of intent? A poke at the reigning champion, perhaps? Whatever the intention, it’s evident that the boxing world is watching. Closely.

Is David Benavidez truly a threat to Canelo’s throne?


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David Benavidez isn’t merely content to shadowbox. He’s also throwing jabs outside the ring, albeit of a statistical kind. Recently, in an attempt to substantiate his point, Benavidez drew a parallel, placing his boxing record alongside that of Canelo Alvarez. And the numbers? They’re intriguing, to say the least.

Alvarez, with a professional career spanning over 17 years, boasts a record that’s hard to match: 60 wins, 2 draws, and only 2 defeats. On the other hand, Benavidez, despite being in the professional arena for just a decade, remains undefeated. Out of his 27 wins, a whopping 23 came by knockout. The message Benavidez seems to convey is clear: while his record may be shorter, it’s no less impressive.


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Moreover, FightHype.com intensified the brewing rivalry. They released a video featuring Benavidez shadowboxing, subtly hinting at what Canelo might face if the two ever met in the ring. While this visual teaser added fuel to the speculation fire, fans were quick to voice their perspectives.

“Mark my words canelo will beat this dude,” confidently claimed one fan, while another fan argued, “Those punches won’t penetrate Canelo’s defense, you will look like Charlo.” The debate among fans didn’t end there. Another fan highlighted a perceived shortcoming, stating, “He’s too flat-footed of a fighter to beat someone with the speed, power, mobility, skills, and experience of Canelo!


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However, it was one user who added a dash of humor with, “Too slow for Canelo😂😂.” Yet, perhaps the most humor-laden critique came from one person who cheekily remarked, “It’s easy to punch the air. My grandmother can do that; she’s 92 years old.”

As the boxing world buzzes with anticipation, these fan reactions are but a taste of the larger conversation surrounding a potential clash between the two boxing titans.

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If these two giants were to face off in the boxing cathedral, who would truly have the last punch? So, would it be the established champion or the rising contender?

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