Real reason Logan Paul and KSI’s $10 billion venture received backlash from Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila Ali

Published 10/07/2023, 7:56 AM EDT

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Muhammad Ali dodged punches, but his daughter, Laila Ali, seemed to target them—at beverages. Shocking? You read that right. YouTube icons Logan Paul and KSI recently dove into the beverage world. Their brand, Prime Hydration, skyrocketed in value, touching billions. Yet, it wasn’t their financial success that caught Laila Ali’s sharp eye. Instead, it was the drink’s ingredients. A drink’s recipe causing ripples in the world of boxing royalty?

Indeed, it’s a plot twist worthy of a Hollywood script. Amid the clinking of celebratory glasses, Laila’s voice of concern became a sobering bell. This story isn’t just about a drink; it’s about the clash of internet stardom, health concerns, and a boxing legend’s legacy.

Laila Ali’s warning to Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime drinkers

In the world of boxing, Laila Ali is royalty. However, her recent actions prove that her punches aren’t just reserved for the ring but can also target concerning health trends. Taking a break from her legendary boxing lineage, Laila transitioned seamlessly into the role of health advocacy and wellness champion. Her platform, ‘Laila Ali Lifestyle,’ has been a beacon of health information for many. It was here that she chose to amplify a message concerning Logan Paul and KSI’s popular beverage, Prime Hydration. Drawing attention to the investigative insights of Vani Deva Hari, widely known as Food Babe, Laila shed light on the uncanny resemblance between the ingredients in Prime Hydration and those in PepsiCo’s Gatorade. Her shared post sent a clear message: “Tag your friends who drink these.” By doing so, she implicitly questioned the purported health benefits of PRIME, suggesting that all might not be as it seems with the celebrated drink.

The significance of Laila’s warning is amplified when one considers Prime Hydration’s meteoric rise in the beverage industry, especially its recent accolade as the official sports drink of UFC. With such widespread reach and influence, the responsibility to ensure the drink’s health claims are accurate becomes paramount.

Laila Ali’s admonition serves as a crucial reminder in today’s age of influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements: one must always scrutinize and understand what they are consuming. As the lines between celebrity, health, and consumer products continue to blur, it’s the timely interventions of informed figures like Laila that can guide consumers to make informed choices. Will the world listen to her warning bell, or will the allure of celebrity branding prove too powerful? Only time will tell.

Why Prime hydration is falling prey to controversies one after another?

Starting off with a bang, Logan Paul and KSI’s beverage brand, Prime Hydration, not only garnered immense attention but also saw its valuation skyrocketing to an impressive £8-10 billion. But as the brand began to bask in its financial glory, a series of controversies quickly dimmed its shining reputation.

Firstly, the beverage’s caffeine content came under intense scrutiny. Despite promoting itself as a zero-sugar, vegan alternative to mainstream energy drinks, Prime Hydration packed a whopping 200 mg of caffeine per 12 ounces. To put this into perspective, this amount is akin to downing six Coca-Cola cans or about two Red Bulls. Senator Charles Schumer amplified these concerns, urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to dive deep into this hydration beverage. His primary worry? The drink’s potential appeal to children. Although Prime Hydration claims it’s not for those under 18, Schumer argued that its caffeine-free variant didn’t distinguish itself sufficiently from its caffeinated counterpart.

Transitioning to another facet of the controversy, schools in Australia and the United Kingdom raised red flags, banning the drink due to its questionable ingredients. And if international bans weren’t troubling enough, Prime Energy, a sibling product, faced recalls in Canada due to high caffeine levels.

Amidst these brewing storms, Laila Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, entered the ring. Leveraging her platform, she spotlighted concerns over Prime’s ingredients, comparing them unfavorably to PepsiCo’s Gatorade. Her timely warning, paired with previous controversies, painted a complex picture of the brand.

With Logan Paul and KSI at the helm, the brand has experienced both the dizzying heights of success and the scrutiny that inevitably follows. As Laila Ali and other prominent figures weigh in, consumers are left pondering the true cost of their beverage choices.

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In this era where celebrity endorsements can sway public opinion and purchasing habits dramatically, it’s crucial to remain informed and discerning. So, as Prime Hydration attempts to steer its way forward, we’re left with a pressing question. In the face of these controversies, will you continue to reach for Prime on store shelves? Or will you seek alternatives?

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