“Shouldn’t Be Putting His Hands on Women”: Rolando Romero Remains Brutally Honest on Male Pro Boxer Knocking Down Claressa Shields in Resurfaced Sparring Clip

Published 12/11/2023, 10:55 AM EST

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Hitting a woman is often frowned upon, even in a sport like boxing! That’s due to varied levels of strength, but it did not bother Arturs Ahmetovs. Recently, a clip of Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields resurfaced online, prompting a response from Rolando Romero. Back in February 2022, the Florida resident entered the ring against Romero, losing the fight via second-round knockout.

However, the origin of the clip goes way back to 2018, before Romero fought Arturs. After the clip resurfaced, even Shields turned to X (formerly Twitter) to shed light on the matter. Meanwhile, Romero wasn’t having any of it as the Las Vegas resident penned a brutal response to the tweet with the clip. 

Rolando Romero is happy about KOing Ahmetovs


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Things kicked into high gear after a user turned to X, sharing the clip with a caption that read, “Video of Arturs Ahmetovs knocking down Claressa Shields in sparring.” Soon, Romero made his way to the tweet, claiming he was glad about knocking down Ahmetovs during their fight in 2022. “I’m happy I koed this mf,” wrote the Las Vegas resident.

However, he wasn’t done as Romero claimed Ahmetovs should never have laid a finger on a woman. “Shouldn’t be putting his hands on women like that,” wrote Romero in the tweet. Yet, the story did not end there! In response to the clip, Shields made her way to X to suggest malpractice was involved in the pro boxer’s part. Here’s what she said.


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Claressa Shields labels Ahmetovs something unusual

To clarify things regarding the clip, Shields began by suggesting she never got dropped in seventeen years but got dropped twice within the same week. Moreover, Claressa claimed she was never ashamed of those knockdowns. “I’ve never been Ko’d in 17 years, and I’ve been dropped 2x all in a week of each other. I have no shame in that,” wrote Shields.


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However, she went on to accuse Ahmetovs of removing the paddings from the gloves, labeling him a punk. Shields went as far as to claim that coach Derrick Santos and Ahmetovs aren’t good for the sport of boxing. She wrote, “But for a male fighter to literally take the padding out his gloves, he’s a punk. Him and coach Derrick santos are bad for the sport!”


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As the clip from 2018 surfaced online, Rolando Romero rips Ahmetovs apart with a savage response. In addition, the clip prompted a response from Shields herself. What did you think about Ahmetovs dropping Shield? Do you think Ahmetovs removed padding from the gloves, as Shields claimed?

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