“It’s a Joke on the Government”: After Declaring Himself “Ganja God” Over His Revived $160 Million Success, Mike Tyson Remains Brutally Honest About People Who Went to Jail for Selling Cannabis

Published 10/05/2023, 5:07 AM EDT

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It’s no news that the youngest Heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, owns a cannabis ranch in California that spans 40 acres. He joined the marijuana industry in 2016 and created various cannabis products. Moreover, ‘Iron Mike’ also collaborated with ex-rival Evander Holyfield to launch cannabis edibles. These edibles commemorate their infamous 1997 rematch, where Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear. Tyson aims to expand his business further.

Predictions indicate that Tyson will earn around $160 million from his ventures. Furthermore, in a recent episode of his podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” he discussed his perception of cannabis intake with Nick Kyrgios, the Australian Tennis star. The conversation took an intriguing turn as ‘Kid Dynamite’ unraveled his opinion about the government banning it. More so, about sending people to prison regarding it.

Why does Mike Tyson hurl a scornful remark at the government?


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The discussion started when Mike’s co-host asked him about the necklace he was wearing. So, while addressing the question ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ said that he is the Ganja God, the top seller of weed products globally. Then, he compared this to his past as a boxing champion. He received recognition for this at Stars, a cannabis convention. As he said, “For people who don’t know, I’m the Ganja God, the highest-selling weed product in the world. Just like I was the champion of the world in unboxing, I’m now the champion of the world in this.”


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Furthermore, Tyson finds it shocking that people have gone to jail for cannabis while he profits from it. He won’t reveal his earnings but thinks it’s ironic that the government once declared it illegal. He finds it unfair that people are still in jail for cannabis while he makes money from it. As stated by ‘Iron Mike,’ “Someone definitely gave this to me yesterday when I was at Stars, which is a cannabis convention. It’s astounding to think about how many people went to prison for this shit, and now I’m benefiting from it. I won’t disclose how much I’m making, but it’s a joke on the government or whoever declared it illegal. While I’m getting paid for all this, there are still people in jail for it. It’s crazy.”

Moreover, ‘Iron Mike’ recently hosted a meet and greet for expanding his business Tyson 2.0

A glimpse into Mike’s meet and greet in Amsterdam

Mike Tyson recently hosted a fan event in Amsterdam. However, he didn’t just go there for the meet-and-greet. He’s also expanding his cannabis business. Tyson opened Coffeeshop Tyson 2.0 in Amsterdam. The shop, located just a 15-minute walk from Central Station, is expected to earn $1 million a month. Fans paid for raffle entries to see Tyson. On opening day, an in-store entry cost $170.


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Industry sources predict that the shop will boost Tyson’s earnings to $160 million before the year ends. Tyson recently posted about the event on social media. Tyson 2.0’s official Instagram account shared a video. In it, Tyson holds a large joint and energizes the crowd. He also shook hands with fans as a sign of appreciation.

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Mike Tyson is scaling up his cannabis business. He just opened a shop in Amsterdam, expected to make $1 million a month. He could earn $160 million this year. On his podcast, he calls out the government for jailing people for cannabis while he profits. However, Tyson remains a key figure in both sports and cannabis.

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