“This Isn’t a Feat of Strength”: Unimpressed Fans Troll Jake Paul for 405-Pound Trap Bar Deadlift, Next Opponent Question Fall on Deaf Ears

Published 01/16/2024, 1:45 AM EST

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His feats in boxing are like fireworks in the ring, but the boxing community’s celebration for him is quieter than a library on a Sunday. Today, a clip of Jake Paul lifting a 405-pound trap bar surfaced online. However, it did not receive the response he would have wanted. ‘The Problem Child’ Paul will enter the ring on 2 March alongside Amanda Serrano in the co-main event. But who is he facing?

His opponent is yet to be announced, or he just wants to create drama! The update comes after the YouTuber turned boxer defeated Andre August last year in December via an impressive first-round knockout. All this to prove himself as a legitimate boxer who fights other legitimate boxers. However, all that seems to have gone in vain when this clip came to life!

A question for the masses


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Not so long ago, Boxing Media shared the clip on Instagram with a caption that read, “[Jake Paul] lifting 405 pounds. Which boxer would you like to see him face?” In the clip itself, Paul can be seen in gym attire, standing in the middle of the trap bar, and as the camera pans to him, the Influencer boxer lifts the 405-pound trap bar.

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It’s worth mentioning that strength training is one of the crucial parts of a boxer’s training camp, as it can help them improve their conditioning in the ring. However, hell broke loose when fans got a hold of the video. The question itself went out of the window as fans started relentlessly trolling the Cleveland native.


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Jake Paul, the butt of the joke

After the clip went live on Instagram a few days ago, a crowd of fans poured in to express their thoughts. While some didn’t hold back with the criticism, others took to poking fun at Paul.

One user suggested they did the same when they were in school. “We were doing 405 for reps in high school,” the user wrote. 


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Another user suggested that 405 lbs or 183 kg is fine for Jake’s weight. However, it’s nowhere near as impressive as the video tried to portray. “180kg? It’s alright for his weight not super impressive tho,” the user commented.

Someone else brazenly announced it’s nothing to be bragged about because it wasn’t a lot of weight. The user wrote, “405 on a trap bar is not a lot of weight.”


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Meanwhile, a slightly older gentleman showed up in the comments, claiming he was 41 and still could lift heavier than Paul. “Lol. I’m 41, I weigh 78kgs, and Trap Bar deadlift 475lbs. This isn’t a feat of strength,” wrote the user.

The next user revealed they don’t exactly like Paul but gave props to Paul for working hard. “Can’t stand the lad, but he’s putting work in, so fair play,” the user commented.


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Though there’s some time in Paul’s next fight, he has already created a commotion among fans with the deadlift video. What did you think about it? Can you lift more than Paul?

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