With Tax Problems in Past, Floyd Mayweather Pays Staggering $18,047,181 to IRS Officer Discharging Taxpayer’s Role Proudly

Published 02/09/2024, 3:42 AM EST

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Floyd Mayweather never ceases to amaze. This time, it’s not about his fists, but his finances. Mayweather flaunted spending over $1 million on a Super Bowl suite. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just days before, he made a financial move that dwarfs the Super Bowl splurge.

This time, it’s not about a flamboyant purchase but a hefty tax payment of $18,047,181. Why would a retired boxer make such a payment? What could possibly motivate one of the richest athletes to flaunt such a financial obligation?

Floyd Mayweather vs. the IRS


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Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram, sharing a glimpse into his financial dealings with a post that caught everyone’s attention. Once in 2015 after he fought Manny Pacquiao, he owed the IRS $22.2 million in taxes and now IRS is the part of the ‘Money May’ show. The photo featured a check, astonishingly made out to the ‘Department of Treasury – IRS’ for $18,047,181, dated February 2, 2024. This wasn’t just any payment; it was Mayweather’s tax dues, a figure that dwarfs the average earnings of even the most successful athletes.

Alongside the image, he captioned, “Just before I paid that light million and change for that little Super Bowl stuff, I had to pay the IRS aka Uncle Sam $18,047,181. This is what I owed in taxes while I’m retired so just imagine what I was paying when I was activated.” This statement not only reveals the scale of his tax obligations but also contrasts sharply with his recent expenditure on a Super Bowl suite, where he spent over $1 million to enjoy the game with 34 friends and family.


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The million-dollar suite


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Floyd Mayweather not so long ago opted to splash over $1 million on a Super Bowl suite, ensuring he and 34 guests witness Super Bowl LVIII in unmatched style. Mayweather’s approach to securing this experience was unapologetically bold. “I don’t kiss a** and I never have to beg for nothing especially not to get a Super Bowl suite,” he asserts, emphasizing his independence in choosing his company for the event.

His statement, “Therefore I get My Own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want!” highlights his desire for control and exclusivity. Mayweather concluded, showcasing the scale of his investment, “I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas! $1,131,000.00,” proudly showcasing the lavish expenditure for an unparalleled Super Bowl celebration.


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How do you perceive such extravagant spending in the realm of sports? Is it a mere display of wealth, or a deeper expression of passion for the game?

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