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Shaquille O’Neal sheds some light into Ben Simmons’ $39,000,000 fortune, Days after Stephen A. Smith’s heavy bashing

Published 09/12/2023, 3:08 PM EDT

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Ben Simmons entered the league as one of the most skilled wings. With exceptional footwork and confidence in his driving abilities, he was one of few players who moved like a guard at his size. However, after initial years, fans have stepped off the surrounding hype. His constant absence from the hardwood and his long-term antics are a few of the reasons behind fan’s apprehension. Apart from fans, even names like Shaquille O’Neal and Stephen A. Smith have spoken about Simmons’ antics.

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Overall, Simmons is critiqued due to his reluctance to elevate himself to his potential. Furthermore, his lack of individual accountability and effort worsens his case. Recently, Shaquille O’Neal added another chapter to his Ben Simmons take by shedding an on an interesting fact.

Shaquille O’Neal features the remainder sum of Simmon’s contract


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Back in 2019, Philly handed Simmons a mega deal. The value touched $177,243,360 over 5 years. Now playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Simmons still has 2 years left in his contract, nearing him to $78 million. In light of Simmons’ unavailability, O’Neal reposted an image by @basketballforever that covers Simmons’ expected pay in the next 2 years.

Last year, Simmons barely showcased his potential in the 42 games played. Averaging nearly 26 minutes, Simmons posted less than 7 points a game. It is said that Simmons’ confidence has taken a hit over the years. However, Bernie Lee, his agent, recently revealed that Ben will join the training camp 100 percent healthy and without limitations. Shaquille O’Neal has actively showcased his reservations for Simmons in recent times. The big man’s touching points are Simmons’ on-court performances and ever-growing antics.


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O’Neal sides with Stephen A. Smith’s disrelish of Simmons

Just a few weeks ago, Stephen A. Smith candidly addressed his comments about Ben Simmons. Known for his outspoken nature, Smith didn’t mince words, labeling Simmons as a weak competitor. This blunt assessment of the Australian star came on the heels of Simmons’ claim that he would enter the 2023-24 season in better form than last year. Smith didn’t stop there; he accused Simmons of talking a big game without delivering on his promises, even going as far as calling him “irrelevant” and suggesting he was essentially collecting a paycheck for free.

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In contrast to his outspoken persona, Shaquille O’Neal took a different track in showing his support for Smith. He endorsed Smith’s viewpoint by reposting Smith’s video clip on his Instagram story.

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