Millionaire Athlete Stephen Curry Eats 600 Calories Lesser Than the American Average Consumption, Even on Warriors Game Day

Published 11/29/2023, 10:10 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Ayesha Curry is all in for grapefruits, but Stephen Curry needs a bit of warming-up time. However, he wouldn’t think twice before knocking up on a Bourbon. These are some entertaining tidbits that the 4-time champion spilled during his lively chat with Penta. Beyond his basketball wizardry, Curry’s vibrant personality has drawn a spell across a fan base that extends beyond the hardwood. Fans are always eager for quirky and delightful sprinkles of scoops from his life. From his Burger King commercial as a kid to his ongoing $100 bet with his mom for every 4th turnover, fans munch it all.

Being married to a renowned chef like Ayesha Curry, fans might assume that all of Steph’s culinary cravings are effortlessly catered to. However, even with Ayesha showcasing online the meals she prepares for her husband, there are specific things that Stephen Curry consistently prefers to eat; particularly on game days.

Stephen Curry eats 3000 calories on game days


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In the interview, Stephen Curry revealed his dietary strategy during game days; targeting around 3000 calories a day. As part of his daily intake, he highlighted chicken, salmon, pasta, rice, and veggies as his go-to staples. Delving into the veggie department, he specifically mentioned broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus. Additionally, Curry emphasized that he munches on a handful of popcorn before hitting the NBA court.

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With 3,000 calories as a target, it is easy to assume that Steph often crosses the mark. After all, given the intensity of his practices, occasional calorie surplus seems inconsequential; swiftly burned away on the court. However, an average American easily clocks in a whopping 3600 calories a day; way beyond the FDA’s recommended daily intake of 2000 calories on American food labels. These numbers shed light on the persistent obesity issue in the United States and also underline Steph’s dedication to keeping his body in pristine condition.

Steph has a popcorn addiction

Beyond being the greatest shooter in history, Stephen Curry is a proud, self-professed popcorn addict. In a 2019 interview with the New York Times, Steph revealed that his first stop in the locker room is invariably the popcorn table. Once there, munching on popcorn becomes a pre-game ritual, a halftime snack, and a post-game treat; given the popcorn is good.

Curry also claimed that the quality of popcorn can easily impact his mood, especially during road trips. (Teams, strategize. Off-court–popcorn matters!)


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Driven by his love for the crunchy delight, Curry also ranked the popcorn from each NBA arena. Evaluating freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butteriness, and presentation, he devised a meticulous blueprint to judge each team’s pop in the corn department.

To keep things unbiased, Curry excluded the Golden State Warriors from consideration. His verdict? The Dallas Mavericks emerged as the popcorn champions, scoring an impressive 24 on Curry’s scale. In contrast, the glitzy city of Hollywood found itself at the bottom of the list, earning a meager score of 10.

However, during a stint at Hot Ones in the 2023 offseason, Curry claimed that arenas have elevated their popcorn game since his list.


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If fans have to uncover anything from his statement, then it’s that another Stephen Curry evaluation should be in motion – because when it comes to popcorn, it is a Steph Curry show!

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