“WWE Basketball”: LeBron James Having Dinner in Street Clothes After Playing a Half Against Stephen Curry & Co Lights Up Fans

Published 10/14/2023, 1:37 AM EDT

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After a tiring game against the all-time rival ‘Stephen Curry and Co,’ a break was much needed. However, a break after halftime? LeBron James, the face of the Los Angeles Lakers, was spotted taking a very relaxing break after halftime. Fans were definitely surprised to see such behavior from the NBA legend. 

But this has been done by many players previously. Some note-worthy players like Kevin Durant, Brooks, and Beal were also spotted in casuals after halftime in the match against the Pistons.

LeBron James: Target for Criticism


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He was sitting on the bench, munching on some snacks. While a fan recorded the video and put it out on Twitter, people have found another topic to discuss. Apart from the ‘is it ethical or not’ discussions, this is a very hilarious episode when ‘The King’ does it.

Even though this is very common in the NFL and many NBA players were spotted doing this, James has a special spotlight on himself that attracts criticism. Whatever the case might be, this scene on top of a disastrous loss against the Warriors is driving the fans crazy.


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After tonight’s not-so-expected defeat against Stephen Curry and Co, it was definitely a tough day for the Akron Hammer. With a total of 12 points, 5 assists, and 2 rebounds, all in 12 minutes on the hardwood, it seems like an okay-ish performance.

By the end of the fourth quarter Warriors had swiped the game with a score of 129-125 against the Lakers.


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Two NBA Stars: Biggest Battle Yet Again

The timeless rivalry once again witnessed a huge head count at crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. Apparently, such a response is expected in a game between the top two contenders of the Western Conference.

With retirement rumors in the air, the approaching regular season might be an opportunity in disguise for both the legends to add another NBA title in their lengthy resumes. Well after tonight’s game one thing is for sure, that for other scheduled preseason games, LeBron James definitely needs some nutrition. Utilizing the halftime seems best this way.


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Stay tuned for a detailed report on how every player performed in tonight’s preseason match against the Warriors.


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