“What the F*ck Is This?”: Disrespect to NBA Champions Invites Rage for “Last Place” Coaches by Ex-Warriors’ Star

Published 06/23/2023, 4:30 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

In the era of social and streaming culture, NBA players and fans state opinions of a very public and global platform.  This causes a rampant flow of information. Controversies form a main course of discourse in this world.  From games to franchise decisions, everything comes under the scrutiny of people, giving rise to a lot of vigorous discussions. So, when championship-winning coaches such as Mike Budenholzer and Nick Nurse were recently fired, it definitely sparked a lot of heated conversations globally.

On the firing subject, one of the most lethal scorers from the NBA fraternity took the league’s case.

And we believe, it must be really harsh since he’s someone who never shies away from giving his thoughts. But first, let’s find out what is the controversy all about.


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Agent Zero weighs in

Gilbert Arenas sat for an interview with Vlad TV and the host asked questions about firing Doc Rivers, Monty Williams, Nick Nurse, and Mike Budenholzer. The host asks, “Were you surprised about that?

To this, the fiery former guard replies,” I am surprised that you are firing top tier. If you are firing top-tier, what is the game left with? It is just a weird way of thinking that we get rid of top-tier when they don’t perform top-tier, but they are performing way better than the bottom”.


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He goes on to say, ”I was one this year(last year), I went third this year, I was fired. Last place was last place last year, they are gonna keep their job. What the F*ck is this! But that’s reality. We are penalizing greatness when it slips a little but the bottom gets to keep it.”

The host believes that it may be the case because the top teams have a higher stake. However, this didn’t convince the former sharpshooter, who replies, “You have bottom coaches making the same as the top tiers”.

Nurse and Budenholzer won NBA championships within the last five years. Williams led the Phoenix Suns to a Finals appearance and best record during the 2021-22 season. Rivers kept coming short despite having Embiid but the Philadelphia 76ers were a big threat when he was at the helm. This season, while Budenholzer’s Milwaukee Bucks and Rivers’ Sixers finished in the top three ranks in the East, Williams’ and Nurse’s squads struggled during the Regular Season.

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Fired for winning?

Charles Barkley questioned Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner about his motives for firing the coaches. He replied, “Three of those head coaches have already been rehired. When you look at that statistically, it is not all that aberrational to where we’ve been historically. It may be to your point, teams are quicker to pull the trigger than they used to be”.


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Well, Adam does seem empathetic here. However, Shaq has other thoughts.

A prominent NBA voice, Shaquille O’Neal, also laments the lack of young blood. He’s actually glad to see some older coaches getting fired. He supports Mark Jackson and Sam Cassell as the next head coaches.


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These firings do prove how expectations are different for different franchises and you can see a variety of opinions on the subject. What are your thoughts? Do share in the comments below.

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