“Hasn’t Ticked Off the GOAT”: Reminiscing The Good Old Days, Resurfaced Clip of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson Leaves Fans In Awe

Published 09/11/2023, 11:30 AM EDT

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Basketball fans can’t get enough of the shenanigans of the 1992 Dream Team. Packed with some of the greatest legends of the NBA, what we’d give to be a fly on the wall of some of the Team USA interactions then. When some of their yesteryear clips surface, fans can’t help but react. One episode caught on camera is back in the Internet spotlight again. Funnily, fans are trying to fact-check the very NBA pros in that clip.

It’s rare that someone would trash-talk Michael Jordan and not end up collecting their shredded dignity off the hardwood floor. But Magic Johnson could get away with it with a smile. This time fans are jumping in on the action too.

Fans respond to Double-MJ roast


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The 1992 Dream Team was packing the star-power as much as the threat to international teams. Three of its most formidable players were getting fronted as the faces of Team USA with a photoshoot. At this photoshoot, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan traded some friendly jabs that had Larry Bird in splits next to them.

This was when Jordan and the Bulls had halted Magic’s Lakers’ dynasty and the latter was making a return after retiring from the NBA. At this shoot, Bird probably got an instruction from the photographer to get closer to his teammates. That’s when Johnson quipped, “You can’t get too close to Michael or it’s a foul.


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But a smack-talker himself, Jordan countered, “You haven’t committed a foul in almost a year and a half man, how can you talk?” 

Johnson laughed so hard, he was falling over Jordan. Bird too couldn’t resist laughing. Fans love seeing these three legends in the same frame and this reaction elicited big reactions under a recent post.

What about in the nba if they were on the same team you got pg in magic you got shooting g in mike n bird at small forward but mike n Jordan is on the lakers wit magic.”

As Bird said:”…the basketball God in shorts” with Magic and Bird…”

Magic legs were shaking because he was taking pictures with the [Goat emoji].”

Magic is the only guy that hasn’t ticked off the goat. Says something about what a good guy Magic is.”

he can’t be so closed coz only foul is your chance to stop him! 6-0 baby…defensive player of the yr!”

“Says that then immediately throws up the sign for the pic”

They make mj look like a normal person.”


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Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson’s unwavering friendship

When Magic made that “foul” comment,Jordan had the reputation of being protected by referees. His on-court rival and off-court friend took the opportunity to joke about it. But only Magic Johnson can do that.

The stories of the Dream Team never fail to amuse or enthrall fans. Fans are still not over the epic practice session where the roster was divided into Jordan and Johnson’s teams. Despite being out of the NBA for around a year, Jordan felt Magic’s overwhelming dominance even in practice.


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Now these two retired pros stay connected on their luxury yachts while traveling Europe together. Their banter and friendship just proves why these two were a formidable duo on the Dream Team.

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