Suffering With One “Ugly A**” Body Part, Shaquille O’Neal Proudly Flaunts His Beautification Process to Jennifer Hudson: “Money Green Boo Boo”

Published 10/07/2023, 9:49 AM EDT

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We all need a little pampering every now and then. Especially when you’re a 7’1″ giant with a lot of jobs. Shaquille O’Neal has a special self-care habit he’s been indulging in since the ’90s. While on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show,’ he disclosed the origins of his special routine and admitted he still keeps up with it. Shaq also explained that this routine enhances his luck, mental health, and his beauty.

He’s changed his tune from 2022 when he denied getting this particular kind of pampering. Despite that, O’Neal flaunted his maintenance routine on more than one occasion.

Shaquille O’Neal’s daughter encouraged him to try self-care


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Our dear feet carry our daily burdens and it shows. Athletes especially work their legs to the bone and the ghastly state of their feet tends to shock fans. Shaquille O’Neal is one such athlete who ginormous gnarly limbs have made headlines on many occasions. But it’s a sore point for him. To make his big legs presentable, Big Diesel regularly paints his toenails.

As he told Jennifer Hudson on her show, “‘Cause I have ugly a** feet.” Adorably, this practice started with one of his daughters.


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The dad of six has three daughters and he didn’t specify which one got him onto the habit. Regardless, he narrated, “This is a true story. So one time I had a toe injury and I was playing with my little daughter. And she painted my toes and I scored 40 points. So I just kept painting them.” 

He may be referring to the major toe surgery he underwent in 2002. However, his big toe had its own problems throughout his career owing to the 7 foot 300+ lbs load on them. The thickness of that toe would horrify so many, Shaq softens it with a little pop of color.

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It does beautify my feet a little bit,” he told the EGOT goddess. She had to ask if his toes are painted as of that interview. He said, “My toes are green, Boo Boo… money green, Boo Boo.” 

He didn’t provide the visual evidence for it so we’re taking his word for it. But he’s not making it up. Shaq has kept his toes pretty since the ’90s.

Shaquille O’Neal denied the same last year


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In 2022, Big Aristotle told a reporter, “I don’t do pedicures. Why should I?

However, in 2017, his single toe went viral with a video of a nail tech painting itMoney green.” Hudson would bring the same video back on the show. Shaq showed off his black nail polish back in 1997 during an appearance on another talk show. That was his expression as a rapper alongside his pro-ball career.

Now the retired NBA legend who still releases music on the side does his toes when needed.


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When I look down and I’ll be like ‘Damn, my feet are ugly.’ Then I’ll get them.” He’ll pick his colors as he feels like it and keep the color till it lasts. A good few can testify the wonders neat and painted toenails to your mood. What do you think about Shaq’s self-care routine?

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