“It’s Coming Close to the Culmination”: Tony Khan Gives Biggest Clue About Who the Devil Is in AEW

Published 12/28/2023, 11:48 PM EST

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AEW has churned out some intriguing storylines since its inception, but no storyline is as captivating as The Devil’s scenario in the latest time. Who is the devil? Why is he behind the AEW world champion MJF and other wrestlers like Adam Page? These are a few of the major questions the fans want to answer.

Moreover, yesterday on AEW Dynamite, wrestling fans saw Samoa Joe turn on MJF as he revealed he was riding shotgun with the ultimate villain, The Devil. Amidst so many turns and twists in the story, a recent statement from Tony Khan caught the eye.

Tony Khan believes that the Devil storyline is reaching its boiling point


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The AEW head honcho believes that the Devil’s story will come close to a culmination soon. He even believes that AEW Worlds End could unveil some major secrets in a show where MJF will defend his title against Samoa Joe. While talking to Steve Falls from Wrestling News in the recent AEW Worlds End media call, the boss said, “Well, it feels like we’re getting closer to that point, uh and I do expect some big revelations and big moments at Worlds End. It’s my own idea, and it’s something that I’m excited about.”


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Shedding light on it further, Khan said, I do feel like coming close to the culmination and does feel like the secrets will be revealed at Worlds End and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been very different than the other aspects of AEW, which I think as I go on here and get into some of these more technical questions I’m really looking forward to talking about the presentation of AEW recently and what we’ve done.

Well, it seems that the AEW head honcho wants to build some intrigue in the storyline. Perhaps that is why it is taking so long to find out who the devil is. Moreover, he also commented on the slow-burn nature of the storyline.

AEW president aims to keep “people hooked”


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Tony Khan later explained the real reason why this MJF-Devil story is getting stretched. He revealed, “It’s been something to keep people hooked and those people that want to see that kind of episodic story. And it’s really something uh that has got a lot of people talking and I think has built a lot of interest for World’s End.”

Indeed, that’s certainly a decent idea to keep the fans hooked on this AEW storyline. Even the sudden turn of Samoa Joe made this story more intriguing; he first pretended to save MJF from the Devil’s masked men, and then, when the Devil appeared on the tron, Joe suddenly attacked the world champion from behind and made his intentions clear.


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Surely, AEW’s management is working together in cahoots for this. So, what do you think? Who could be the Devil? Let us know in the comments.

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