“Be the Best”: Cody Rhodes Clears His Stand on Continuing ‘The Rhodes Family’ Legacy With His Daughter

Published 11/11/2023, 2:21 PM EST

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Cody Rhodes is positioned as one of the biggest baby faces in WWE. He is carrying the Rhodes family name in the ring and honoring his father’s legacy. Rhodes recently addressed how he feels about his daughter continuing the family legacy in the business.  The American Nightmare was invited to the show GabbyAF for the third episode of Season One.

On the show, he clarified his stand on the inclusion of his daughter, Liberty, but he also had a special message for his children and other upcoming wrestlers.

Cody Rhodes reveals his stand on continuing his family legacy in wrestling


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Rhodes has been in the wrestling business for over 15 years and is the third pro wrestler from his family to wrestle in WWE. His father Dusty Rhodes was a former NWA Champion and competed in WWE as well, while his brother, Dustin Rhodes (Golddust) was a former WWE superstar.

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Rhodes answered the question about her daughter joining the pro wrestling business by stating that he would not hesitate to let his daughter Liberty follow in his footsteps. He said, “If you were just like if it was hypothetical, hey, son or daughter wants to get into the industry? I would, of course, say Go for it. It’s the greatest thing ever for me.


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Rhodes further stated that he was thankful for the wrestling business and how it has changed his life for good. Rhodes considers wrestling to be the second most important thing in his life, the first being his family. He said, “Uh, the only thing I love more, than sports entertainment, pro-wrestling is my family. This is Brandy and Liberty. Number two is the game. What we’re ion. You have to be like that to continue to move forward with it.

But Rhodes has a message for his daughter Liberty. He said, “But if you are gonna do it, you really should do it to be the best.


For Rhodes, wrestling is one of the most important things in life. The sentiment is shared by his family which led to the creation of WarGames match format.

Rhodes family led the way in WarGames match format


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One of the highlights of the upcoming PLE Survivor Series is the WarGames match format. It has replaced the traditional 5 vs. 5 match format between the two major brands of WWE. After a successful debut on the main roster last year, WWE has brought back the iconic match for a second year, as Team Cody Rhodes will face The Judgment Day.

Interestingly, WarGames was given to the wrestling world by Dusty Rhodes in the year 1987 at the Great American Bash under the Jim Crockett Promotions for NWA. The initial match featured two teams including Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair on opposite sides inside a double-ring steel cage.


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What do you think about Cody Rhodes’ special message for his children and upcoming wrestlers?

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