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Despite Denying Running for President, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Dropped a Subtle Hint by Explaining His Viral ‘Barack Obama Skit’

Published 05/28/2023, 12:30 PM EDT

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Dwayne Johnson is a man of versatility. Be it the squared circle or the silver screen, The Rock shines through anything and everything. Apart from portraying a dead serious muscle-packed action hero in many of his films, DJ also had a fair share of comedic roles that might make you laugh to the point of stomach aches.

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The highest-paid Hollywood hunk once starred in the popular television show Saturday Night Live aka SNL. In one part of the show, The Rock played former US President Barack Obama, and it went hilarious. But why so? Why did the Rock consider portraying the iconic US political personality? Is it a subtle hint of his interest in politics? The Brahma Bull is here to clear all the doubts.

The Rock revealed why he portrayed Barack Obama during SNL


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Mr. Obama usually resembles a cool, composed kind of person who is barely hot hated regardless of the situation. But people might be curious, imagining Obama as a rash man who no one dares to bully. The Rock just brought the imagination into reality.

DJ was accompanied on the set by Andy Samberg, who was playing the role of his White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. After a constant effort by Rahm to chisel out the angry self of the former President, he finally burst like Johnson, during the meeting with Republican members of Congress. Johnson, as an enraged Obama, was so damn funny that it garnered a lot of positive responses from fans who simply couldn’t keep their waves of laughter in check seeing his rib-ticking acting.


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Recalling the hilarious yet flawless segment, The Rock once weighed in on his very motive behind doing the cameo. Through a video of his official YouTube Chanel, DJ noted, ‘It came from the idea that with our president for two terms Barack Obama always had a very cool demeanor and he never really got hot you know and sometimes like a lot of us Americans…. sometimes you know you want a president who is cool and he’s collected and he’s really focused especially when things are going sideways but you also want a guy who’s like who could stand up and you know kind of say whether privately or you know to his staff….. I’m gonna hope I could come and of course when Barack Obama our president gets angry he turned into areolas….no..he turns into the Rock Obama. ‘

Despite playing the former President Role for the mere sake of entertainment, DJ, however, ruled out the idea of him competing for the real president’s role in the US.

The Rock once dismisses the idea of running for US president

The Rock has been largely experimental when it comes to his multi-dimensional career. He dipped his toes in almost every field so far. The former WWE champion made an enviable career in Hollywood. But that was certainly not the end of his yearning for more diversion in life. Johnson set up more than one business venture, including seven bucks production, the XFL league, and a few more.

So, questions emerged on his potential debut in politics for obvious reasons. But the Rock, surprisingly, threw it out of the list. Fans of the Fast and Furious actor, however, were eager to see him participating in the 2020 presidential bid, but the actor prioritized his fatherhood, adding no more professional endeavor to his bucket. He made his stance clear, saying, ”I love our country and everyone in it. I also love being a daddy, and that’s the most important thing to me, is being a daddy.”


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Now we need to see if The Rock changes his mind ever in the future or not.


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