“Didn’t Like It…That Was a Stinker”: Bruce Prichard Slams WWE for Horribly Putting Together John Cena’s Departure in 2004

Published 07/16/2023, 2:45 PM EDT

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Prior to reaching his current status in Hollywood, John Cena had a very humble beginning in the industry. Coming fresh off his success in WWE, Cena decided on entering Hollywood and began his career with The Marine. He went on a hiatus in 2004 to shoot for the film.

However, before being written off the show, Cena would be stabbed in a kayfabe storyline; and sent on a hiatus to recover. This is where WWE introduced Jesus, Carlito’s bodyguard, to the fans. While speaking on his new podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed that it was indeed a “horrible” way to introduce a character.

What did Bruce Prichard say about Jesus’ introduction in WWE?


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WWE veteran Bruce Prichard has been associated with the wrestling business for a long time and knows its ins and outs. Speaking on his latest podcast episode, Prichard opened up on Jesus’ introduction in WWE against John Cena, as Carlito’s bodyguard.


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He claimed that prior to his WWE career, Jesus aka Aaron Aguilera was an indie wrestler. WWE had picked him up to pair him with Carlito. However, while he had the looks and talent, the way he was introduced in the promotion made a dent in his reputation.

Prichard said, ” Horrible. Horrible. Looking for different ways you know for the young man coming in. Aaron was from California, worked out. Had high hopes from him you know? He was Latino, was decent size and was an okay worker but just kind of had a look.”

He further continued, ” We had high hopes, and we thought he would be able to come in, and work with Carlito, and learn from Carlito. We knew what we had in Carlito. It was a chance on a new guy in a different way to introduce them. But a horrible way. Didn’t like it.”

Prichard believed that the introduction of Jesus was disappointing and that there could have been several other ways of introducing him. He also revealed that prior to Aaron Aguilera being the first choice as Carlito’s bodyguard, there was another name that was also considered.

Which other name did Bruce Prichard reveal as the potential stabber of John Cena?


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Speaking on the same podcast, Prichard revealed another name that was the initial choice to be John Cena’s stabber. The 60-year-old revealed that late ECW wrestler, New Jack was the initial choice.

He said, “There were definitely talks of New Jack. I don’t think anybody wanted to touch him because of his reputation and unpredictability.” Ultimately, things didn’t fall into place, and WWE went ahead with Aguilera.

Do you guys agree with Bruce Prichard’s thoughts of Jesus’ introduction in WWE being horrible? Let us know in the comments.


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