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”Disgrace”: WWE Fans Trash Former US Military Sergeant Lacey Evans for Ripping Off Sgt Slaughter’s Gimmick Amidst Latest Character Change

Published 06/05/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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WWE fans are way more sensitive than you may think. They shower love and appreciation for every small achievement of superstars. On the flip side, they are barely nice while calling out those same stars for anything unacceptable or unethical they do.

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Forgotten SmackDown star Lacey Evans returned to WWE TV at this week’s Friday Night SmackDown show. The 33-year-old ended up losing the Money in The Bank qualifier match against Zelina Vega. However, there was more to her misery. WWE fans blasted her over her new gimmick, which resembles that of WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter.

Fans slam Lacey Evans for referencing Sgt Slaughter in her new gimmick


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Evan remains mostly under-used in the company despite possessing immense talent. The former marine underwent numerous charterers changes and brand changes since her return to the Stamford-based company last year in April. But it didn’t bring any good to her.

Now, the former US Military Sergeant used her military background as a stepping stone to regain her mojo in the form of a brand new gimmick. But sadly the WWE Universe got clearly irate by this as they believe she dishonored the WWE legend Sgt. Slaughter by stealing his looks. That’ iconic broad-brimmed hat, the military uniform, and everything that Evans flaunted on the stage garnered massive backlash from fans.


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She posted the clip of her new look on Instagram with a caption, ‘Pimpin ain’t easy‘. Fans immediately rushed to bury her in comments.

A user twisted her own words against her, saying, ‘Copying a gimmick of a legend is apparently easy though‘. Most fans brutally lambasted her new character through a bunch of critical comments like, ”I think this is the worst gimmick you have had yet,” ‘Another failed gimmick,’ ‘Boring gimmick‘ etc. Some of them also trolled Evans’ current position in the company, saying, ‘Relax. You’re basically a jobber at this point.’ ‘Still trash wrestler’. A few fans literally think ‘WWE ran out of ideas apparently’ for trying out this uncool, weird idea on Evan.

A few fans seemed really offended, thinking the SmackDown star insulted a legend with this gesture. They go like, ‘Stop posting. You’re embarrassing yourself.‘, ‘Get rid of the SGT SLAUGHTER gimmick!!!!! Stop Copying!!!!! Get your OWN gimmick!!!!!!!,’ ‘Why would you disgrace a marine corps cover,’ ‘Please stop with the military gimmick. It doesn’t work.’, etc.

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Not only the fans, but Slaughter’s daughter herself also came up to fire a shot at Evan for trying to copy his father.

Sgt. Slaughter’s daughter and Lacey Evans traded barbs over the latter’s new look

Sgt. Slaughter may not be active in the wrestling scene anymore, but this heated turn of events is still trending on social media. Fans vividly remember his big patriotic image in that classic military attire. Daughter Kelly Slaughter came up to the forefront to keep that honor intact by protesting against the gimmick infringement.

Seeing last Friday’s SmackDown episode, Kelly seemed far from thrilled, especially with Lacy Evans in his father’s ensemble. She slammed Evans on social media and branded the Sassy Southern Belle as a ‘poser’ for daring to do what she just did at her latest showdown.

The two got into a war of words when Evans defended by calling herself the biggest fan of Sgt Slaughter, a United States Marine, and a ‘bad Mfer’.


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However, there comes some irony in the story. The trolls are arguably unjustified given that Evans actually served in the Marines, something Slaughter never did in his life despite the belief of many. Nevertheless, WWE treated his story as genuine.

However, keeping aside all the controversies, we need to see what Lacy Evans will be up for next in the company after a two month hiatus since her return in April.


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What’s your take on Lacy Evans’ newest gimmick? Do you think she can get her deserved push in the company in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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