“Do Not Touch Her”: WWE Legend Was Asked to Behave Cautiously While Getting on Top of Cody Rhodes’ Wife Brandi Rhodes During an AEW Segment in 2020

Published 05/23/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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Veteran wrestler Jake Roberts had some interesting insights on the latest episode of the Snake Pit podcast. In the recent revelation during his conversation, Roberts shed light on the significant segment from an episode of AEW Dynamite. Remembering the AEW Dynamite event of 6 May 2020, Roberts recalled a storyline, where he had to stick to several instructions.

He recalls that AEW officials put a lot of pressure on him looking at the sensitivity of the matter. Roberts recalls how they asked him to be cautious and to respect the boundaries of the person.

Jake reveals the instructions he received during the AEW Dynamite segment.


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During the podcast, Jake recalled he was to follow instructions from AEW officials regarding a storyline that needed him to have physical contact with Brandi Rhodes.

Robert said they specifically advised him to exercise extreme caution and to abstain from any physical contact with her. He said, “I’m about to do this do the nasty thing crawling all over uh…. had to be very careful not to touch her yes you know these days contact no contact. What do you think I’m gonna do? Drop my d**k in it give me a break no Jesus Christ man…”


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When the host asked who gave instructions on the contact policy, he replied: “everybody okay so that was just unanimous do not touch yeah do not make any contact. You know you’re getting on top of her like that don’t do anything”

Roberts candidly spoke that the message was clear, “Do not touch her” as they wanted a safe picture on the television.

The AEW officials were negative at portraying a man on top of a woman on television and creating unnecessary controversy.

Roberts’ opinions on today’s Cancel-culture


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The wrestler expressed his understanding of the rationale behind the directive. Roberts admitted to the repercussions that can come if he had crossed the line.

The action could have had a negative public opinion of him and keeping in mind today’s cancel culture, it would affect his image and career.


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Roberts commended AEW’s far-fetched insight on avoiding a potential controversy for everyone. AEW’s precautionary measures during the Dynamite segment highlight their commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment for wrestlers.

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