Dwayne Johnson Has a Hilarious Response to “Happy A** Co-Workers” Who Wish Him “Happy Monday”

Published 10/03/2023, 5:30 AM EDT

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Who likes Mondays? Apparently, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t. With a fortune of $800 million dollars, there is no doubt that he is a hardworking man, but deep down inside, he is just a regular guy who hates Mondays like the rest of us.

That said, he recently told his fans how he responds when his coworkers wish him a happy Monday. The response is going to crack you up for sure. Just like all of us, Johnson also gets irked if someone greets him with a smile on a Monday morning because who likes to go to work on Mondays, right?

Beware while wishing Dwayne Johnson a Happy Monday…


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Posting a clip of his recent SmackDown return, he shared a segment where he insulted Austin Theory with his words, before his maneuvers. In the video, he is saying “Shut your b*tch a** up.” Giving a context for the post, Johnson wrote, “When your coworker smiles and says happy Monday.”


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Johnson is certainly not a Monday person, as evidenced by his aversion to Mondays and people who smile and wish him Happy Mondays. So if you ever see Johnson on a Monday morning, don’t wish him a happy Monday otherwise you’ll be handed embarrassment just like Theory was, on the August 15 edition of the blue brand.


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One thing to note here is that Johnson has been posting about his WWE appearance very often on his social media accounts. So what does this mean? Let’s dive in a little further.

Can the WWE Universe expect Johnson to see in WWE again?

Ever since Johnson’s return to WWE a few weeks ago, the WWE icon has been continuously sharing clips of the segment on social media. Is he hinting at something? Could be, could be not. But from what Johnson said regarding it a few weeks ago, he is keeping the fans on their toes.


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In a recent interview, Johnson confirmed he was scheduled to fight with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, but it didn’t materialize. However, he also gave the WWE Universe some hope for his return, stating that he is open to completing the job at Mania 40 next year.

With the ongoing strike in Hollywood, there is a possibility that it might happen next year, but it is not certain. Only time will tell if the match will take place or not. But one thing is sure if it does take place, then it will be a bout that the fans will remember for ages.


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What do you make of DJ’s social media post? Let us know in the comments section below.

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