From Facing Humiliation to Defeating John Cena, Explore Why Roman Reigns and The Bloodline Hate the 16X Champion

Published 10/03/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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John Cena is currently all over WWE SmackDown. The promotion hasn’t failed in keeping him a desired appearance on the screen. He is currently all over the blue brand because of his ongoing feud with The Bloodline. Although this rivalry between ‘The Cenation Leader’ and Roman Reigns‘ stable seems to be new, it is not. The actual feud between Cena and The Bloodline goes way back.

As the Fastlane match between Cena and his partner against two of the Anoa’i family members draws closer, it becomes increasingly relevant that we become aware of the age-old feud that has been going on between them.

Why does The Bloodline hate John Cena?


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Although the heel faction is no stranger to troubling different wrestlers in different brands, their feud with Cena seems rather personal. Even when a couple of SmackDowns ago, the WWE legend wanted to sign a match contract against them with a tag partner of his own, both Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa sabotaged his plan by knocking Cena’s tag partner unconscious.

This dislike between the Hollywood superstar and the Anoa’i family has been going on since 2002.


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At first, the hatred that started off with Rikishi ultimately moved on to Umaga. If fans thought that the rivalry would end there, they were wrong. The Rock also entered the list in the earlier half of the last decade. However, Cena couldn’t end his detest for the family before taking on Roman Reigns himself.

The two crossed paths on multiple occasions, including the popular 2017 promo, before their match at ‘No Mercy’, in which Cena humiliated ‘The Big Dog’. The two met again in 2021 and their feud even led to the event of SummerSlam. Then again, last year, when Cena announced his return to SmackDown, The Tribal Chief considered him a threat and wanted to take him down in a tag team match.

All these instances explain why, to this date, the feud between the $80 Million celebrity and the prestigious wrestling family feels personal.

Their numerous confrontations have led time and again to Reigns topping the WWE legend. Perhaps this is what has led the 46-year-old to believe that his former opponent is the ‘GOAT’.

John Cena’s respect for Roman Reigns


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On several occasions, Reigns is compared to the legendary babyface of WWE. The reason behind this is the fact that while Cena has remained the promotion’s face in the past, the Samoan wrestler is the current one. When Essentially Sports brought this comparison in front of the superstar himself, he had an amazing reply.

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During ‘Superstar Spectacle’ in India, we caught hold of The Prototype for a short interview. When asked about his views on the comparison between the two, Cena replied with a humble statement. He placed Roman Reigns above every other wrestler, including himself, and called him the “greatest of all time“.


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Even the long-running feud between The Bloodline and John Cena can’t hinder the sportsmanship of the latter. But the match at Fastlane is expected to finally conclude the dispute.


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