Why Did WWE Take Bray Wyatt Off TV 5 Months Before His Untimely Death?

Published 08/25/2023, 7:00 AM EDT

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One of the most creative minds in WWE’s history was Bray Wyatt. From The Eater of Worlds to The Fiend, he brought to life some of the most recognizable and celebrated gimmicks in modern WWE. It was an unexpected day when WWE terminated his contract during the 2020 firings but Triple H brought Wyatt back in 2022.

Even after his return though, Wyatt’s newest creation was not clear and misled fans. The lack of clarity he conveyed and the lack of traction he received resulted in WWE pulling him out of TV. Furthermore, a cause for concern emerged after very little news about his return was conveyed. But what was the real reason for pulling him out of WWE programming just before teasing a big feud at WrestleMania?

Why did WWE take Bray Wyatt off TV?


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Just days after there was no sign of Wyatt on multiple SmackDown, Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reported that there was an undisclosed physical issue keeping Wyatt out of action. There were many fans speculating about creative issues and Sapp also pointed out that it wasn’t the case at all.

Later, it was also revealed that Wyatt was struggling with a terrible illness that could threaten his life. While just a few weeks ago we got the news that he had recovered and was gearing up for his return to the ring, this recent development has caught everyone by shock. Even during his absence, though, fans weren’t excited to see him return.


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This sentiment from fans started when Wyatt returned after being re-hired by Triple H in 2022. While his return was met with a huge ovation and applause, that came about as the peak of Wyatt’s return. Even though Wyatt was overjoyed on his return as well, his following vignettes and cryptic messages only confused fans further. Fans still had hope for him.

Nevertheless, WWE had huge plans for Wyatt before he took a hiatus from WWE programming.

What plans were in place for the Eater of Worlds before his extended leave?


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The introduction of Uncle Howdy, possible reunification with Alexa Bliss, and his feud with LA Knight, all underperformed. So, a feud with former WWE champion Bobby Lashley was supposed to elevate his new character.

After abruptly stopping that feud, though, they weren’t anything else that came out. Wrestling fans had hoped that Wyatt would recover from this illness and return again with another creation. Unfortunately, we won’t ever see this creative mind in his prime again. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wyatt’s family and his closest friends.


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Did you know why WWE took Wyatt out of their programming? What do you make of it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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