Will Dwayne Johnson Have to Go Under Special Training for ‘The Smashing Machine’?

Published 12/19/2023, 1:04 PM EST

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Dwayne Johnson is all set to play the lead role in The Smashing Machine. Fans will get to see him as the legendary wrestler and former UFC Champion, Mark Kerr. To play the role of Kerr in this sports biopic, Johnson would have to undergo a few changes. Since this is his first time doing a sports biopic, fans can expect some drastic changes to ‘The Rock’s usual appearance.

The changes that we are going to talk about will mostly include mostly the WWE legend’s physical appearance. But dedication to the historical figure often means actors go above and beyond to embody whoever they’re playing. The expectation is that Dwayne will be no different.

Get ready to see a completely different version of Dwayne Johnson


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Ever since his role as “The Rock”, fans have grown accustomed to seeing the wrestler in a certain getup. In most of his movies, Johnson has pretty much had a similar look. However, things are going to have to take a turn this time around because, for the biopic, his look would have to be as accurate as possible.


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For starters, Johnson would need to wear a wig to recreate the hairstyle that Mark Kerr had in the year 2000. And moving forward with his appearance, Johnson’s tattoos would also have to be deleted via CGI for obvious reasons.

The industry legend is of half-Irish and half-Puerto Rican descent. So, we might also see Johnson speaking some Spanish lines in the movie to fit better into the character. DJ would also need to change his accent to make his speech sound more like Mark Kerr.

We could see Dwayne Johnson going an extra mile for this film because he may have high hopes for this project. Even a Hollywood insider who is not associated with the movie is expecting big outcomes from it.

Get ready for Dwayne Johnson to receive an Oscar nomination


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Jeffery Sneider, a Senior Film Reporter at Collider recently sat down in a podcast to talk about everything Hollywood. With the host, he discussed the recently announced movie with “The Brahma Bull” as the lead character, playing the role of the legendary Mark Kerr. Sneider ended up confessing that this movie will make Johnson realize what he should have been doing all this while.

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Then, Sneider also said that this Hollywood project can also land Johnson an Oscar nomination if everything is executed according to plan.


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Are you excited to note the several changes Dwayne Johnson will go through for this movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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