Will Fastlane 2023 Mark the End for The Bloodline as Solo Sikoa Potentially Turns On Jimmy Uso?

Published 10/07/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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WWE Fastlane is on the horizon. Fans have been waiting for this event, specifically because of John Cena. Along with LA Knight, he will be facing off against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. The two members of The Bloodline formed a tag team after Jey Uso left for the Raw brand, hoping to represent The Judgment Day.

But some speculations are looming over the heel stable. Considering the history of the two brothers, fans are thinking this might be the end of The Bloodline.

Is it the end of The Bloodline?


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The Bloodline, one of the most notorious and dreaded heel factions, was formed by Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. With Reigns at the center of it, playing the role of The Tribal Chief, the faction consists of Anao’i family members, or at least it used to consist of them. The first one to join the faction was Jey Uso, followed by his twin Jimmy Uso, honorary Ucey Sami Zayn, and Uso’s younger brother, Solo Sikoa. Paul Heyman has played the advisor to The Tribal Chief. But the stable began to crumble with Sami Zayn leaving it, followed by Jey Uso. Since then, fans have felt that the fall of the faction might be inevitable, and Sikoa might be a key factor in it.


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It all traces back to WWE Night of the Champions, 2023. There was some friction going on for a long time, but it reached its peak. On that day, fans say Jimmy Uso superkicked the 38-year-old faction leader two times. And when Reigns was celebrating his 1,000 days as a champion, The Usos gatecrashed the party. Again, Jimmy Uso disrespected the Tribal Chief and at this point, Sikoa was on his older brother’s side too. But out of the blue, Sikoa decided to attack Jimmy Uso with a spike. This was something fans were not expecting.

After this event, Jey Uso left the stable, as he was tired of fighting his brothers. He was later drafted to Raw. On the other hand, Jimmy Uso took a break from the faction but returned to it in September 2023. But what fans have been wondering is why Sikoa turned on his brother and whether he will do it again.

Solo Sikoa might have his motives


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Solo Sikoa joined WWE in 2021. At that time, according to WWE, he was all by himself. His brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso, were already a tag team and Roman Reigns was at the top. According to WWE, the youngest was always left out. This might have turned him bitter. And now, after all this time, he found a place in The Bloodline. And that place was given by Roman Reigns to him. Considering the history of Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns, it might be due to all the disrespect he has done in the past that Solo Sikoa wants to teach his brother a lesson.

Apart from that, Roman Reigns has been known as a master manipulator. The Tribal Chief had manipulated both The Usos in the past to get his work done. There might be a high possibility that Reigns might have been manipulating him to go against his brother for the disrespect. But Sikoa might have his own plans. As discussed earlier, Sikoa was left out by his family. And things don’t need to be good between him and Reigns. Maybe he will want everyone to get out of his way so that he can make his way to the title of Undisputed Champion.


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As reports have suggested that the faction might have fulfilled its purpose, there is a high possibility that fans could see its fall very soon. And that might take place in the absence of The Tribal Chief. With his return set for next week’s episode of SmackDown, what surprises do you think will be waiting for Roman Reigns?

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