“This Was a Dumb Move”, “Should Have Avoided This”: Fans Disappointed as Brock Lesnar Almost Ended Cody Rhodes’ Career, Who Was Hungry for Revenge

Published 05/23/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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Ever since Brock Lesnar went rogue and brutally ambushed Cody Rhodes on Raw after WrestleMania, the stars have not seen eye to eye. Their rivalry has turned so bitter that every week, either one or the other gets severely injured. But mostly it’s Rhodes, who incurs the Beast’s wrath on WWE programming.

This week’s Monday Night show didn’t go well for ‘The American Nightmare’. His arch-nemesis caught him off guard one more time and took advantage of the situation. He got mauled by ‘The Beast Incarnate’ again on the show. Seeing the whole segment, fans got mad and voiced their disappointment online.

Brock Lesnar attempts to break Cody Rhodes’ arm


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The 05/22 edition of Monday Night Raw opened with a backstage appearance of Rhodes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lesnar poped up and attacks him. He tossed him backstage and threw him into a wide array of objects. Lastly, he slammed Rhodes and banged his left arm into the garage door with a barrel, leaving his rival writhing in pain.


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Later, in a segment, ‘The Conqueror’ made an in-ring appearance. He mocked his rival and claimed that he won’t be able to compete with him anymore at WWE Night of Champions because of the injury he caused. Therefore, he issues an open challenge for anyone to wrestle him during the upcoming PLE.

Fans then saw the injured star appear at ringside with a sling on his injured arm, making his way to face his assaulter. As Rhodes entered the ring, he tore off his sling and got ready to unleash vengeance. However, Lesnar pushed him into the corner and put him in a Kimura Lock, thus causing more damage to the injured arm.


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He then stomped on Rhodes’ arm and headed backstage after picking up his cowboy hat. This segment enraged many fans as they predicted bad news for the upcoming match between the two stars.

The WWE Universe is fuming after this week’s Raw

Irate fans all around social media questioned the purpose of the whole segment. Why did Lesnar attack ‘The American Nightmare’ mere days before their big upcoming match at the Night of Champions? Here are some of the top comments from the fans.

“I don’t understand what’s the point of this”

“Meanwhile Roman still has all the championship gold, all this for what?”

“Put me in a ring with Lesner.. Fr. Whats the point of doing all of this?? Roman has still the belt duh!! Cody will rise again as he is American Nightmare.. I’m with you @americannightmarecody 👍”

“*sighs* so we still don’t know WHY they’re fighting. There’s an alternate universe not too far from this one where Cody’s the champion and this feud is over the title and at least makes sense. Roman winning was the wrong call, anything else at this point is Cope.”

“since wrestling I’ve been giving wwe the benefit of the doubt with this “redemption ark” of Codys with Brock and what not hoping that in the end Cody will be in the Undisputed tittle picture again…but srsl…what’s the point? Now they’ve given Cody a “Keyfabe injury” and taken him out of ppv for what, really?! I srsl dont get where this is going”

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The WWE Universe believes Rhodes suffered another injury. Thus, it will jeopardize his upcoming match with Lesnar.

“Again injured come on”

“Ending Cody’s career right here and for what another year on the injured list for Cody upcoming”

Fans don’t approve of the segment whatsoever.

“This is getting old”

“Can we please stop with this martyr crap”


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“Cody should have avoided this unnecessary revenge and focus more on the upcoming match on Sunday.”

“Not gonna lie. This was a dumb move Cody. I’m gonna go ahead and say, if he can’t go to NOC? Something else is going on in his personal life. And that would suck for him.”

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Rhodes called Lesnar a coward on Raw last week. So the latter striking back was expected. Fans were looking forward to seeing the stars battle it out at the upcoming PLE. The feud that started at Raw after WrestleMania could have seen its end at the Night of Champions.

But following the potential arm injury, it will be interesting to see how the match will take place this Saturday. What do you think of ‘The Beast’ attacking ‘The American Nightmare’ on Raw? Share your thoughts with us.


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