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Changes Made to Bahrain F1 Circuit Ahead of Sunday’s Race

Changes Made to Bahrain F1 Circuit Ahead of Sunday’s Race

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The Bahrain F1 GP weekend is about to begin and there are still 11th hour changes being made. As it turns out, the FIA and Formula 1 are very serious about improving the standard of overtaking.

So, for this weekend, an extra DRS zone will be added to the circuit. Ever since the Bahrain F1 race made its DRS debut in 2012, the circuit has been subject to numerous changes.

Aside from the main straight and the back straight, the new zone will be situated between Turns 3 and 4.

The detection point will be located 50 metres before the Turn 1 apex. Meanwhile, the activation point is just after the slight right kink of Turn 3.

This will likely negate the effects of a ‘double-DRS zone’ which could benefit the driver and allow him to escape.

F1 Bahrain GP

This year, the effect of the DRS is a lot more powerful compared to previous years. A few drivers have already noticed this owing to the revised and simplified aerodynamic regulation changes. These changes include higher rear wings and a larger DRS opening.

While all this is happening, there are no changes to the existing DRS zones. However, additional DRS zones have been becoming increasingly prominent in the past couple of seasons.

Meanwhile, the DRS mechanism itself has been tweaked this year. This time, the opening has been increased from 65mm to 85mm.

Hopefully, the presence of a third DRS zone should promote more overtaking between the drivers at the Bahrain F1 GP. For a long time, Formula One races have been less than spectacular. Will these new changes herald a turning point in the way the sport is being run?

Valtteri Bottas heads into the second race of the season with the championship lead. Will he keep it when the Bahrain F1 race concludes on Sunday night?

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