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Charles Leclerc: “I Will Do Anything To Change The Heirarchy At Ferrari”

Charles Leclerc: “I Will Do Anything To Change The Heirarchy At Ferrari”

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc, it is established without a doubt, is the key force at Ferrari. He’s already a fan favorite and in the four Grands Prix, as seen so far, he has already shown his mettle. Even as Leclerc hasn’t been able to win a race, that he’s all of 21 but is going wheel to wheel with other top names on the grid is holding him in good stead.

But truth be told, there’s a thing that doesn’t really sit with Charles Leclerc. So what is that? Well, it’s the hierarchical structure at the Scuderia that, where Leclerc stands, isn’t the best thing in the world.

To that end, Leclerc, currently fifth on the driver standings, behind Verstappen and Vettel, who are third and fourth respectively, is determined to change the pecking order at Ferrari. This could well be the thing that drives Ferrari toward greater glories for the simple reason that no longer does any driver at the Italian racing team desires being second fiddle.

While things were a bit different with Kimi Raikkonen, former Ferrari driver, currently with Alfa Romeo in the sense that he often had to play the ‘next best’ guy to Vettel, Leclerc is not going in that direction. In fact, as far as the 2018 season goes, even Raikkonen, who eventually finished third on the standings proved a point or two to his former team, in displaying some exemplary drives at tracks such as Monza and the Circuit of the Americas.

However, Leclerc, who became the 99th driver ever to grab a pole position in F1 had the following in terms of the hierarchy:

Charles Leclerc
source: F1i.com

I have to show what I can do on the racetrack, and then hopefully the situation will change someday,” shared Charles Leclerc, speaking to¬†Auto Motor und Sport.

“Like every driver here, I want to be the fastest. So far, I have understood every decision, even though it is sometimes difficult for a driver to accept it.

“I have a four-time world champion next to me driving for Ferrari in his fifth year. I understand that there is a hierarchy at the moment, but I will do anything to change that.”

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