Charles LeClerc Questions Ferrari’s Late Pitstop Call

July 14, 2019 7:40 pm

Ferrari driver Charles LeClerc was absolutely furious when he lost a position to Max Verstappen in the pit stop phase of the British Grand Prix. Up until then, the two drivers had been trading blows for a long time and entered the pits nose-to-tail.

When the two rivals pitted, LeClerc was ahead, but the Red Bull team were lightning fast and Verstappen leapfrogged Charles LeClerc. Later on, when the safety car was called out to retrieve the beached car of Antonio Giovinazzi, LeClerc let rip into the team.

He demanded how they managed to lose a position to Verstappen and he was quite furious. Meanwhile, the Ferrari team attempted to pacify the angry man by assuring that it was a long race and to stay focused.

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