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Charles LeClerc Focusing More on Results than Praise

Charles LeClerc Focusing More on Results than Praise

Ferrari newcomer Charles LeClerc has been enjoying a great start to the 2019 F1 season. His performances behind the wheel of the SF90 has earned him several fans in the process. However, Charles LeClerc is actively trying to prevent the praise from getting to his head and distracting him.

Charles LeClerc has so far insisted that there is still room for him to improve this season, despite great drives. Speaking to Crash.net about the high praise sent his way, he said, “I have never thought about it,”

“It’s always very nice to hear compliments from Lewis [Hamilton] or from Seb [Vettel] or from the greats of the sport.

So far, Charles LeClerc has had the measure of his older and more experienced teammate, Sebastian Vettel. All this is while the latter makes more and more mistakes in his pursuit of rival, Lewis Hamilton.

“This is very nice to hear but on the other hand I don’t spend too much time thinking about it, just trying to get better every race and focus on the weaknesses on my side, from the last Grand Prix and try to fix them and get better for the next one.”

Charles LeClerc also revealed that he tweaked his driving style ahead of the 2019 season. He believes that that is the trick to gaining the upper had over the 4-time world champion.

“Seb and I, we have two very different driving styles,” he explained. “So, we require some changes on the car and some slightly different balance.”

“I won’t go too much in detail with this but we don’t require exactly the same car obviously.”

Charles LeClerc is on a roll this year and there have only been three races done and dusted. But the season is long and there are plenty of chances for Vettel to strike back.

Vettel and LeClerc
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