Once again, it was so close, yet so far for poor old Charles LeClerc as he missed out on a win yet again. This time though, he was one of the many drivers to face nature’s wrath and fell victim to it.

The Monegasque driver slipped and slithered on the final corner at the Hockenheimring, which caught out many, and hit the barrier. To say that he was angry, would be a serious understatement, and he launched into an explosive tirade.

He started of with a massive expletive and screaming, “No! No! Come on Charles. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Charles LeClerc looked on in absolute disbelief and then slammed the track, particularly that corner where he skidded off. He admitted on the radio that even at 30 km/h, he was helpless to control the car’s trajectory. He said that it was dangerous, but admitted that it was his mistake.

The good news for Ferrari was that Sebastian Vettel was still running and salvaged a podium, devoid of Mercedes drivers. This was because Valtteri Bottas had crashed out and Lewis Hamilton was well down the order.