Charles LeClerc Resigned to Fate as Number 2 Driver


Ferrari’s new recruit, Charles LeClerc has admitted that he has no delusions of upstaging teammate Sebastian Vettel right off the bat. The Monegasque driver is quite aware of the fact that the German has a wealth of experience compared to him.

Ferrari have already made it clear that Vettel is their main priority, hence the number 1 driver. So, in the event that team orders have to be imposed, LeClerc will have to give way to his older teammate.

Scuderia Ferrari have already had a solid start to their season by displaying their sheer pace in testing. Meanwhile, Mercedes have admitted that they have been experiencing issues with their W10.

Charles LeClerc
Charles LeClerc

Speaking to the media after the final day of testing, he said, “That was not news to me and I don’t think Mattia said anything exaggerated,”.

“I already knew it would be like that for a while. For me, it’s only logical and understandable,”

As he said, since he is a newcomer to Ferrari, Vettel would be the preferable choice ‘in a 50-50 situation’. However, he was firm in believing that the status quo will not remain for long. Charles LeClerc knows that his job is to ‘be so fast that no team order is necessary’.

For now, his focus will be on kicking his and Ferrari’s season off to a solid start. He will no doubt, try and establish himself as the top dog at Ferrari. If he fails to do so, earning the numero uno status over Vettel will be a lot harder.

Whatever the case, the 2019 season is starting to shape up into an intriguing one. Will Ferrari consolidate their testing form? Can Mercedes overcome their pre-season gremlins? Will Red Bull have a say in the title fight? Is there a dark horse team and driver and who is it?


Vetel vs LeClerc