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Charles LeClerc was Focused on Getting into F1 Despite Bianchi’s Death

Charles LeClerc was Focused on Getting into F1 Despite Bianchi’s Death

Back in 2015, the Formula One world was rocked by the death of Frenchman Jules Bianchi. He was the last Formula One driver to pass away while racing, prior to that, test driver, Maria de Villota died after suffering a heart attack in 2013, which was the result of a testing crash earlier that year. Coming back to Bianchi, his godson, Charles LeClerc spoke of the impact Jules had on his life.

Now, Leclerc has admitted that he never second-guessed his career choices in motorsport even in the wake of Bianchi’s death. It has officially been four years since the Frenchman died of injuries sustained at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

Charles LeClerc confessed that the loss was hard for him, but he knows that it is part and parcel of racing. He know that there is always a risk that every time he steps into that car, there is a chance that he may not return alive.

Speaking to the BBC, Charles LeClerc said, “There was definitely no thoughts any time to stop my career because of that.”

“From the beginning when you go into this sport, you know how dangerous it is. It will never be a safe sport.

2019 French Grand Prix
Charles LeClerc

“Of course, the cars are getting safer and safer but, when you are going at 340km/h, it can never be safe. This I knew from the start and I just wanted then to be good for him because he had taught me many things.

“He had always pushed me forward and helped me to get better, and the only thought I had when this happened was just to do good for him to make him proud.”

Leclerc currently occupies a seat that would have gone to Jules Bianchi, had he lived. The French driver was a rising star and would have partnered Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. Who knows, maybe Bianchi and LeClerc could have been teammate at Ferrari too, but we are left to wonder what could have been.

Charles LeClerc, in spite of seeing his star rise meteorically, still has an air of tranquility and a lack of ego. He even attributed that to the influence of Jules and his own father, Herve LeClerc.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been arrogant or anything like that, so it’s also a bit natural. I honestly believe it is the way forward.” he continued, “But the fact they kept telling it to me, I think it has helped me.”

Bianchi, gone but not forgotten
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