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Top 5: Chelsea Failures in 2015

Top 5: Chelsea Failures in 2015

Week after week, defeat after defeat, but Chelsea are expected to bounce back and get their season back on track. Infact after a win in Champions league against Porto FC, it seemed like a return to form for the champions and a win against Leicester City would have been a great confidence booster for the Blues to turn things around. Unfortunately, even after showing signs of improvement they languish on 16th position in BPL with 9 defeats. This season has been an absolute contrast to the last. From the champions in last season, Chelsea has turned into mid – table team this season.

We at ES have analyzed 5 major negatives for Chelsea this season.

  1. Low confidence

From the start of the season, the Blues lacked the spark which was seen last year. Players seemed hesitant to make risky passes, to take on players and to win one on one battles, which shows they don’t believe in their ability to overpower the opposition like last year. Players like Hazard, Oscar and Matic looked low on confidence from the start which affected their game drastically. Hazard, player of the season last year looked nothing like it throughout 2015. The team lacks clear intensity, a spirit to fight and is  out of ideas to break the opposition down and lacks the confidence to play a high tempo game. Mou’s immature behavior, which got him banned, doesn’t do any good to the morale of his players.


2.  Shaky defense

One major problem this year is the number of goals Chelsea have conceded and the manner in which they have done so. The Blues have conceded 24 goals as against 17 scored which has led them to 9 defeats in 16 matches in BPL. Lots of changes at the back with Mr. Captain, Terry benched now and then, the champions looked out of sorts on most occasions. Ivanovic and Cahill were both out of form, another setback this year. Poor defense made the fullbacks stay back which resulted in less contribution from fullbacks in attack. After the failure to sign Stones, the lack of pace in Chelsea’s back four was always there to be exploited.

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