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Christian Horner Recalls a Hilarious Incident Involving Sebastian Vettel

Christian Horner Recalls a Hilarious Incident Involving Sebastian Vettel

Recently, in an interview, Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner revealed a funny story about Sebastian Vettel. At the same time, he showed how devious Bernie Ecclestone can be and Vettel found out the hard way.

As it turned out, Sebastian Vettel was in a mood to boast and Ecclestone made a bet with him. The former F1 supremo met with the Red Bull team for a casual day out for lunch and brought a friend as well.

Ecclestone bet Vettel that his friend was a faster swimmer than the German and Vettel was initially hesitant. Then Bernie decided to raise the stakes by betting a $1000 on the swimming race. The British businessman then wound up Sebastian Vettel and hyped him up even more.

On the day of the race, the next stage of Ecclestone’s master plan took place. He set a condition that they both drink a glass of water before swimming, as his friend often did it. A stilly cocky Vettel agreed, and the final stage of Bernie’s plan was in effect.

When the water came out, to the dismay of Sebastian Vettel, his glass contained hot water while his opponent’s glass did not. So Bernie’s friend was able to down his glass quickly, while poor Vettel struggled to finish and not burn his tongue in the process. Needless to say, the German driver learned a very valuable lesson that day, “Anything that seems too easy, isn’t”. The other lesson probably was, “Don’t mess with Bernie Ecclestone”.

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