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Christiano Ronaldo: “I Miss Real Madrid more than Manchester United”

Christiano Ronaldo: “I Miss Real Madrid more than Manchester United”

Christiano Ronaldo was awarded the Marca Leyenda

Juventus forward Christiano Ronaldo fondly remembered his former club Real Madrid while speaking at the gala of the award ceremony where he was awarded the Marca Leyenda.

“Madrid is a city that marked me a lot, not only on football, but also on a personal level. It was the club that marked me. I have played nine years at Real Madrid and that is why I have a very special love for Madrid, ”he said.

Ronaldo thanked everyone while receiving the award and said that very few cities around the world were as good as Madrid. “Madrid is special, I travel a lot but there are few cities like Madrid. Much of this award is derived from what he did in Madrid. It is a Spanish trophy and leaves me very honest. Thank everyone who has helped me achieve it. It is a pride for me. And I hope to return to Madrid soon, ” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo then answered the questions of four children – with the Sporting shirts of Portugal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus saying that he missed Madrid more than Manchester United “I miss both of them, but Madrid is where I was more years, my children have been raised here and my girl too. I miss Madrid more than Manchester. ”

The five time Ballon d’Or winner also said that 2018 was good year, both on personal as well as collective levels, where he won the Nations League with Portugal.

Marca Leyenda, translated as Marca legend is an award given by the Spanish sports newspaper Marca to the best sport professionals in history. Since its inception in 1997 over 40 people have received this award.

Interestingly, Christiano Ronaldo receives the award 10 years after Argentine Lionel Messi had received it. Messi was the last footballer to have received the award after Raul Gonzalez, Diego Maradona, Pele and Paolo Maldini.


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