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Circuit Zandvoort Authorities Praised for ‘Massive’ Investments Ahead of F1 Return

Circuit Zandvoort Authorities Praised for ‘Massive’ Investments Ahead of F1 Return

For the 2020 Formula One season, a familiar venue will return to the calendar. The Circuit Zandvoort is working around the clock to ensure that the track is ready in time to receive the F1 cars.

To that end, ex F1 driver Christijan Albers praised the owners of the circuit for making big investment ahead of the Dutch Grand Prix’s return in 2020. This is the first time in 35 years that the Dutch Grand Prix will be featured in the F1 calendar. So the track authorities are pulling out all the stops to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

What also boosted the event’s popularity and hype is the rise of Max Verstappen. However, there were concerns over the width of the track, which could limit chances for overtaking. So, to remedy that, race organisers have elected to undergo redevelopment of the track. This includes introducing a banking on the final turn, of which the angle will be fairly high.

Albers told De Telegraaf: “A serious amount of money had to be put on the table and a number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs went with it.

“They have put their balls on the line with that investment. At many other circuits, the money comes from the government, so this is super cool for Dutch fans.

“It will be a sensational circuit for a F1 car. It may be something of a parade because the circuit is not very wide, but we can also count on a very tough, tactical grand prix.

“At Zandvoort, you have to deal with factors such as wind and sand. It will be a great weekend in May 2020.”

With the 2020 season just around the corner, all 10 F1 teams will be excited for the season to begin. Also joining the Dutch Grand Prix, will be a new venue, the Vietnam Grand Prix in Hanoi.

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