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Clash of Titans: Lewis Hamilton vs Marc Marquez

Clash of Titans: Lewis Hamilton vs Marc Marquez

For those of you who are not familiar with the name Marc Marquez, get ready for an exhibition race series that is bound to be more than interesting to say the least.

The 5 time MotoGP champion has called out the 5 time Formula1 champion Lewis Hamilton to a series of races on two and four wheels.

Now, Marc Marquez is no novice when it comes to Formula One cars. He has driven 40 quality laps in a powerful car before. Namely in 2018, when he and former teammate Dani Pedrosa had a go in Austria.

“I tested at the Red Bull Ring in a Toro Rosso car” he said. ”It was a really nice experience you know. I drove 40 laps and it was a real test.”

“The speed was there but I lack the experience”, continued Marc. “I knew the layout of the track but the braking points and downforce was the most difficult thing to understand.”

Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez

The MotoGP star, however said that driving in the middle of the city is a whole new ball game. “I could get used to it at a normal circuit-but not Monaco”, said Marc Marquez.

“To drive an F1 car at a normal circuit, it’s ok”, he continued. “You can find the limit but in the middle of the city like Monaco, it is more difficult”, he added.

Marc knows that Lewis Hamilton is no amateur when it comes to bikes and is excited about the challenge of taking him on. Lewis Hamilton has been pictured on 2 wheels before and rumors are-he’s fast.

“Of course! It would be interesting”, said Marc Marquez. “Face-to-face, first an F1 car and then a motorbike because I know he is riding”, he continued.

“I speak to him by social media sometimes and I know he rides a bike and rides really well”, he added.

It does promise to be an enticing prospect to say the least and will surely be watch by both Formula one as well as MotoGP fans all across the globe.

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