Clix and NRG Ronaldo Bail on Million Dollar Fortnite Tournament Due to Mythic Weapons

November 22, 2020 11:02 pm

Epic Games is currently hosting a $1 Million Super Cup in Fortnite following the Marvel crossover. The superhero tournament with a super prize pool has attracted participants from around the world. A highlight of the tournament is the ‘Mythic’ weapons, which have higher drop chances than usual.

However, the rules of Epic’s major tournament have pushed away a lot of people. The latest victims of these absurd rules are popular competitive players, Clix and NRG Ronaldo. The duo was grinding games and trying to climb the leaderboard; however, they gave up after a few games.

Ronaldo was already playing the game at 3 AM, which had made him a little cranky. Facing decent opponents who were also trying to win games annoyed him since he kept dying. However, one game tipped him off, and he decided to end the grind early.

Mythic weapons and materials cap make players ditch Fortnite tournament early

As stated previously, since the tournament is based on the Marvel theme, it is natural that Mythical weapons will be at the core of the games. These weapons are completely broken and unbalanced, which is why in high stake games, they might become annoying.

Furthermore, the tournament also has a 200 material cap. Therefore, building and gunfights are even more intense. However, this also increases the chances of players running out of materials right in the middle of combat.

These are exactly the two reasons that riled up Clix and Ronaldo. The duo started their grind early and kept dying to players spamming Mythic weapons. Both of them had just found the grove after they survived the drop in a game and managed to pick a few kills, taking their point tally to 100. However, just as things were looking good for them, they got ambushed.

While Clix was eliminated, Ronaldo managed to survive and was looking forward to rebooting his teammate. He came across another duo and ran out of materials while he was in a fight against them. His outrage was evident as after the game was over he said, “Why is there just kids-“, complaining about the Mythical weapon spam in fights.

The duo somehow found themselves at a decent position on the leaderboard. They will continue their grind for first place and a grand prize.

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