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Clix Played Fortnite On Controller And Got Cheated

Clix Played Fortnite On Controller And Got Cheated

Fortnite battle royale has been going through a state of constant change. Most people have been in on the controller vs. keyboard and mouse debate. While the controller community grows stronger in numbers, the KBM players are also trying their hand at it. Recently Clix decided to play on a controller, but it didn’t go according to the plan. 

Clix decided to get a change of pace and try controller for a while on stream. His stream was going completely fine; everything was going according to the plan. He also showed us the rapid response with the aim assist that helps controllers. In all fairness, when a player is trying to adapt to something new, it helps them grow as gamers.

It’s not ethical to do immature stuff on someone’s stream whether or not it was the funny thing to do. Especially when they are trying to understand something from a different perspective. Thanks to an insightful video from Fortnite Moments we can now see the what went down. 

Controller vs. KBM debate in Fortnite

If we analyze carefully, Fortnite is one of the only games that are close to achieving a balance. Or at least working towards a balance between controllers and keyboard. If one considers Warzone or Apex Legends – these games have been striving to find that equilibrium. 

Ninja, Sypher, Bugha, Tfue, almost everyone has spoken about the KBM vs. controller debate. Clix decided to add this guy who ruined his attempt at streaming while on a controller. “What was the point of that?” asked Clix. The other guy cockily responded, “Cause it was funny.” Clix then went on to wager for a 20$ game. 

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They ended up in a 1v1 duel

To figure out who is the better player, since it was so funny, Clix challenged him to a 1v1. “Aim-assist is honestly sick,” this is what the opponent said after not being able to win for two rounds. That is a classic blaming-the-unknown-for-lack-of-skill-moment. Clix on a controller is still leagues ahead of this guy. 

The fact that Clix started playing on controllers just a couple of days ago shows how talented he is. When it comes to being disrespectful, this is one of the worst things one can do to a streamer.

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