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Coach Dillon Danis Not To Be Allowed To Corner Conor McGregor At UFC 246 Without Paying Fine

Coach Dillon Danis Not To Be Allowed To Corner Conor McGregor At UFC 246 Without Paying Fine

Conor McGregor

The last time Dillon Danis was present with Conor McGregor in a UFC fight, it turned extremely ugly. Danis got involved in a war of words with Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was mayhem after that, as Khabib jumped out of the octagon to confront Dillon Danis.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that Dillon Danis is yet to pay the fines that resulted from his brawl with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Danis is Conor’s jujitsu coach will need to pay the fines if he wants to corner McGregor in his upcoming fight against Donald Cerrone

Danis barred by UFC from cornering Conor McGregor

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports reported the news. In a tweet, Iole explained the entire situation.

Danis revealed more details about the brawl in a recent interview with MMA Junkie.


“No, he didn’t connect,” Danis said when asked if Khabib managed to hit hi during the entire scuffle. 

“You know what’s funny? When he jumped over the thing, and he had his feet and his arms up, so like, he didn’t really know what he was going to hit me with. So I was like am I going to get kicked right now or punched? I kind of just blocked then I hit him with a right hand. And then I remember him coming forward and I was uppercutting him, and then he was just trying to run away, and I was trying to grab his head.”

Danis claimed to hit Khabib with a right hand. However, according to Danis, Khabib did not manage to hit him at all.

“It was just a whole mayhem and then everybody was getting punched, and cops were going all over the place, and he didn’t touch me at all.”

Danis said that Khabib was trying to run away. He added that he landed a good amount of punches on Khabib during the whole fight. 

“I remember hitting him with a good amount of shots, and then I just remember him trying to pull away and run away from me, and I was trying to cup his head and uppercut him. But it was mayhem. Everything happened so fast.” 

Dillon Danis will corner Conor McGregor yet again, depends on if he decides to pay the fine. Which of course is given, since McGregor or his team would definitely want their jujutsu coach by their side.

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