Coach Discloses What Helped Rafael Nadal Succeed at French Open 2020

October 25, 2020 3:37 pm

Rafael Nadal has hijacked all the major headlines since his thunderous French Open triumph. It is evident that fans want to know and read more about the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

Recently, in an interview, one of his coaches, Francis Roig, talked about the Spaniard’s strength and about what has kept the player at the top of tennis for so long. He praised Nadal for his determination and style of play exhibited at the French Open 2020.

“Mentally, the Rafael Nadal of the last Roland Garros remained the same. A determined tennis player, aware of his needs and the weaknesses of the rival,” said the coach in the interview.

Roig has been monitoring Rafa since 2005. He knows about his game better than most players. In fact, he himself believes that Nadal had always been hardworking. It was his never give up attitude that did wonders for him in Paris.

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“He is neither maniac nor punctual”- Francis Roig on Rafael Nadal

Spain’s Rafael Nadal in action during the final against Serbia’s Novak Djokovic REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

In the interview, the coach explained Nadal’s extraordinary habits and hobbies that helped him achieve success. He also talked at length about his training and mental fitness- crucial ingredients that helped him lift his 13th Roland Garros title.

“He continued with his rituals, his schedules. Her character kept changing. He tensed, in tournament mode. He started to play the games an hour before the start. It connected, it focused. And all those hobbies: the two bottles diagonally, he doesn’t step on the lines, he stretches his pants,” revealed the coach.

Roig certainly talked about the strong character of Rafa even when he is 34. His devotion and passion for the sport are clearly visible with the way he trains himself for about an hour. He is also consistent with his training schedules.

The coach also disclosed Nadal’s off the court attitude. Roig said that Rafa was not very punctual in his personal life like he was there on the field.

“Off the slopes, he doesn’t have them. Unlike. I assure you that he is neither maniac nor punctual,” concluded the 52-year-old Roig.

Rafael Nadal surely deserves all the appreciation and praise. Winning 20 Grand Slams titles is a special record. What’s even more exciting is that he still has 3-4 years of tennis left in him.

He has already said that he wanted to end his career as the player with the highest number of Grand Slam titles. With his level of energy and determination, the goal certainly looks achievable.

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