Colby Covington

Colby Covington has been unstoppable lately both inside the octagon and outside of it. Without any doubt, Colby is the most polarizing athlete in UFC right now and he is generating nuclear heat in the MMA community. Nobody is safe when Colby Covington is dropping the truth bombs, not even the WWE superstars Dwyane Johnson, and Seth Rollins.

In a recent interview with Helen yee, Colby Covington talks about the time he was offered a fight with Nick Diaz. However, Nick Diaz didn’t sign the contract after verbally agreeing for the fight. Colby said:

“I signed to fight Nick Diaz last November at MSG. UFC wanted to do it and Nick Diaz was on board. he gave his verbal that he would fight me. And when UFC send him a contract he never signed it. We found out that he is a Stockton soy boy. He is scared.”

Colby Covington also talked about the return of Nate Diaz and said both the Diaz brothers are journeymen. They are not relevant to the welterweight division anymore. Colby has a few harsh words for the Diaz brother:

“Diaz brothers are journeymen. they are 500 fighters. They both have double-digit losses in their careers. Why are we even talking about them? they are irrelevant in the division. They are gatekeepers who fight other gatekeepers.”

Colby Covington

What a fight it would have been if Nick Diaz had stepped into the octagon with Colby Covington. Not just the fight, the build-up to the fight. you don’t trash talk the Diaz brothers. How does that turn out for Conor McGregor? It doesn’t affect them at all. Both Colby and Nick has insane cardio and they both put overwhelming pressure on their opponents. But we may not see that fight ever.

Colby Covington

With all that said, one thing becomes very obvious. Colby Covington has figured out the fight business, and he knows how to get people talking about you. It would be fascinating to see how Nate or Nick Diaz responds to Colby’s comments.