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Colby Covington Ends His Friendship with Jorge Masvidal for the title race

Colby Covington Ends His Friendship with Jorge Masvidal for the title race

Colby Covington

Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal. Once they were best buddies. However, the welterweight title race has ended their friendship. Atleast it seems so from Covington’s recent tweet. Replying to Masvidal Covington said:

I know you’re dumb and desperate, but you spelled JOURNEYMAN TITLE wrong junior. Reading is fundamental and super necessary. just Like WINNING is super necessary to get title fights. You should try them both some time, You trash bag.”

Colby Covington

Well, Covington’s so-called best friend was on his way to a big-money fight too after Nate Diaz called him out in his post-fight interview in UFC 241. However, UFC president, Dana White has confirmed that neither the Usman vs Covington or Masvidalvs Diaz match up has been official yet. Usman has not even signed the contract to defend his title and there has been no negotiations for the much anticipated Diaz- Masvidal fight.

Out of frustration the game bred Masvidal took it to twitter and called out Usman and Diaz. Well, he did not get any response from both of them. However, he got a response from his “best friend” Covington.

It’s safe to assume that there is a conflict now between Masvidal and Covington because of the title race in the welterweight division. Well, it was about time Covington addresses the Masvidal fight in the division. He has earlier said that Masvidal is his sidekick, a comment which was not appreciated by the game bred. With this tweet, we can expect to see bad blood starting between these two soon.

Reportedly, there was going to be a welterweight title fight between Usman and Covington in MSG at the end of this year. However, Usman is inactive at the moment due to the injury he suffered from his last fight against Tyron Woodley. Jorge Masvidal has two impressive knockouts victory over two big names of UFC, Ben Askren and Darren Till. So he does have a good argument for the title opportunity. On the other hand, how could one deny Colby Covington a title shot after he mauled Robbie Lawler for five straight rounds? So there are many possibilities in the welterweight division when it comes to the title fight against Usman.

At least we can be assured of one thing at the moment. Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal are not likely to remain best friends after this tweet.

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