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Colby Covington : ” Jorge Masvidal is a Jealous Little B**** “

Colby Covington : ” Jorge Masvidal is a Jealous Little B**** “

Colby Covington

It’s been a while since fans have been suspecting the friendship between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal. In the past few days, it has been crystal clear that Covington and Masvidal are not best buddies anymore.

In a recent tweet, Covington buried Jorge Masvidal saying he doesn’t deserve a title shot. Covington said:

I know you’re dumb and desperate, but you spelled JOURNEYMAN TITLE wrong junior. Reading is fundamental and super necessary. just Like WINNING is super necessary to get title fights. You should try them both some time, You trash bag.”

Colby Covington

In his recent interview with ESPN, Covington explained the reason why his friendship with Masvidal fell apart. It was jealousy on the part of Jorge Masvidal. According to Covington, after Damiam Maia defeated Jorge Masvidal, Covington fought Maia and dominated him in the ring and that’s what started the jealousy and competitiveness in Masvidal.

Covington explained :

“I went in there and destroyed Damia Maia. he started to act differently towards me like a competitor. The Damian Maia thing started to get bitter and jealous. As soon as I won the world title, I had him in my corner for that fight. he never even showed up that week to help me. I knew he was not truly happy for me and my sucess. All he cares about is himself. He doesn’t care for anybody unless they can do something for him. he is just a jealous little b****.”

At one point, there were talks that UFC was considering Masvidal for the title fight against Kamaru Usman. A few days earlier, Masvidal even called out Usman for a fight. Reacting that Covington said:

“Everybody knows there is only one fight to make. The title unification fight between me and Marty fake newsman.So it was very frustrating when they were moving to somebody who is 2-2 and a 50-50 journeyman in the division.” 

Colby Covington

Not only that, but Covington also accused Masvidal of using people for his benefits and called him selfish. Covington said:

“The state of my relationship with Jorge Masvidal is He is the type of guy when you re doing something for him, he will use you. But as long as you are doing better than him and you are not helping him out anymore, he won’t care anymore”

Covington even referred to the fight between Diaz and Masvidal a fight between two journeymen of the division who has not won enough matches in the recent past. It’s safe to say that Covington and Masvidal are not friends anymore. That also means they may step into the octagon to face each other in the title run.

If not Usman, then the only fight that make sense for Colby Covington is Tyron Woodley considering the bad blood between those two. However, it will be a step down for Colby Covington considering he was about to fight for the title.

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