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Colby Covington makes the fans chant “Colby Sucks” at UFC 241

Colby Covington makes the fans chant “Colby Sucks” at UFC 241

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is arguably one of the best heels in UFC history. He has said many controversial things that have got him in trouble in the past. He was banned from the Palms, Las Vegas for involving a brawl with Kamaru Usman and his manager and recently he raised some eyebrows with her comments about Miesha Tate. And who can forget his post-fight interview speeches? he has called Brazil a dump and passed very insensitive comments about former UFC champion Matt Huges.

We just witness how much can he get into the skins of UFC fans. When he entered the arena ta UFC 241 with his welterweight interim belt and his classic trump hat, the crowd went berzerk and chanted “Colby Sucks”. It’s very rare to see a chant of this magnitude for a heel in UFC where most fighters respect their opponents instead of trash talking to get into their heads.

The fight between Brunson and Heinishch was in progress when Colby was seen on the big screen. Despite the fight being very entertaining Colby’s appearance was good enough for the audience to focus all their attention on the former welterweight interim champion.

Colby Covington

However, Colby Covington has achieved a lot in UFC too. He beat RDA to become the Interim welterweight champion. He went to the white house to meet the president, Donald Trump. And he has also beaten legends such as Damian Maia and Robbie Lawler

Two weeks before, Colby Covington mauled the former welterweight champion, Robbie Lawler, to cement his seat for a fight against the current welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

UFC has not come up with any official announcements regarding when this fight will take place. However, Colby Covington has mentioned multiple times that he will face Usman in November at MSG. Colby has also said that Usman is faking injuries to avoid a fight with him.

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