Colby Covington Takes a Dig at “Uncle Fester” Dana White: “You Think I Give a S**t About the UFC”

By 8 months ago

Colby Covington is the most polarizing personality in the sports of MMA at the moment and he has reminded the fans why again and again. He has rivalries with fighters in his division, fighters in his gym, fighters who are not even in his division, hell, he even has a rivalry with the UFC president, Dana White.

In a recent podcast segment from MMA Roasted, Colby Covington took a shot at the UFC president, Dana White and said he would do pretty well without fighting in UFC too.

When the host asked Covington about his visit to the White House with dana White, Covington replied:

“It was incredible, hanging out with the president of the United States, it has never been done before in the sport. A fighter to go to the White House and hang out with the president in the Oval Office, it’s a part of the history. Unfortunately that Uncle Fester (Dana White) was with me.”

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“I feed myself. I never had a handout, no one ever gave me anything. I earned it the f****g hard way. I got more money in sponsors than I get in my fight. So I don’t need shit from Dana. He is a bald-headed prick.” Covington continued.

Colby Covington has mentioned on several occasions that he would be open to fighting in other organizations or even try his luck at pro-wrestling if the price is right. Well, having a beef with the president of UFC does not really help Covington’s situation here. However, Covington is not bothered about that as he is confident that he would have many options ahead of him other than UFC.

“I would be making more money fighting somewhere else. I don’t need to be in UFC, You Think I Give a Shit About the UFC. I am a prizefighter, I am the biggest name in the game right now, I can go anywhere and sale fight. I can f****g sale a fight with a f****g mop.”

Former interim champion, Colby Covington takes on Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title in the main event of UFC 245.

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