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Colby Covington Taunts Ben Askren Ahead of UFC Singapore :- “He Sucks At Fighting”

Colby Covington Taunts Ben Askren Ahead of UFC Singapore :- “He Sucks At Fighting”

Colby Covinton

Considering the personalities in the division, Welterweight is the most exciting in UFC at the moment. It has Colby Covington who can generate nuclear heat with his trash talks, it has Ben Askren who does not shy away from a good back and forth on the microphone and it has guys such as Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz who prefers to do the talking when Bruce Buffers says “It’s Time”. 

We have seen on numerous occasions that one fighter trying throw dirt at the other on social media or other platforms. Colby Covington makes the top of that list when it comes to trash-talking to the fellow fighters in the division. Well, he continues his rivalry with Ben Askren by trashing Askren’s chances against Damian Maia.

Colby Covinton

Damian Maia will take on Ben Askren in the main event of UFC Singapore. This will be the return of Askren into the octagon after his brutal loss to Jorge Masvidal in UFC 239. This fight is a grappler’s paradise. Both Ben Askren and Damian Maia are known for their ground games. While the wrestling does give Ben Askren a big advantage, Maia’s submission game from the back is no joke. However, in a fight where anybody can win, Colby Covington does not give any credit to Ben Askren and picks Maia to take the W.

In a recent interview with Sports MMA, Colby Covington said:

“You know I see Damian Maia get the submission or knocking him out. It’s either going to be a submission or knock out for Damian Maia. Askren has no chin. he sucks at fighting. Literally, he could not hurt a fly, sitting on someone’s mouth for five rounds and could not put a scratch on the guy’s face.”

Colby Covington

Ben Askren was the talk of the town before he suffered a 5 seconds knock out loss to Jorge Masvidal. The former interim champion left no stones unturned as he called out Askren on that knock out loss:

“He wanted to be on the record books for Colby Chaos Covington so much cause I am in the record books for being the only fighter to ever go to see the president, most strikes ever thrown, all these great accomplishments. But he is on the wrong end for being on the 5-second knock out loss to Jorge Masvidal”.

Colby Covington is going to fight for the title with Kamaru Usman in the main event for UFC 245, while Ben Askren is on his way back to the top of the division after the loss to Masvidal. Though the fight against Damian Maia is not an easy fight for Askren, considering his 1-1 record in UFC, this fight seems a must-win fight for the Funky One.

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