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Colby Covington Threatens Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier

Colby Covington Threatens Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier

Colby Covington has been the talk of the town lately with his comments on his teammates from American Top Team, Dustin Poirier and Jorge Masvidal. Well, Covington has made it clear that he is not “best friends” with Jorge Masvidal anymore. That apart he also said that Masvidal is jealous of his achievements and he uses people for his advantage. Masvidal was not the only one who Covington turned his back against. The former interim welterweight champion, Covington also had a few harsh words for his teammate, Dustin Poirier after Poirier failed to capture the lightweight title in UFC 242.

Colby Covington

The interesting thing about this feud between Covington and his teammates is they all train at American Top Team. Well, it’s not that hard for Covington to come across Masvidal or Poirier while training which may lead to a brawl or physical altercation. Moreover, Masvidal has even said that he is ready to settle the beef at the gym. Not only Masvidal, but Poirier also tweeted earlier that he will fight Covington when he sees him at the gym, although he deleted the tweet later.

Well, it seems Covington is not backing down either. Talking to Chael Sonnen, Covington said that he is ready for a brawl with Masvidal and Poirier in the gym. Covington said:

“Things are gonna definitely going to be weird. It comes out of jealousy and bitterness. They are wishing they could do what I do. They wish they could make the paycheck. There is gonna be a little jealousy. There might be a brawl in ATT. We might come fist to blows. I am prepared for anything. These guys are talking a lot but they know what would happen if they step to me. I beat their ass.”

Colby Covington

As per Covington, he is not looking to avoid any physical altercations with Masvidal or Poirier. Covington claimed:

” I am not looking to avoid anybody. If they won’t understand that it’s just business then we can settle this. I am the best in the world. I am not scared to fight some dude in the gym if you are jealous of what I am doing.”

This is Colby Covington doing what he does the best, which is creating a buzz in the MMA world. However, how smart it is to say something about Jorge Masvidal when you train with him in the same gym. We all know about the “Three-piece with a soda” incident from London. Considering all this, we can assume that it’s going to be a pretty interesting few days at the American Top team with a possibility of a brawl between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal.

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