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“Colby Is a F*****g Idiot”- Former UFC Champion, Tyron Woodley Mocks Colby Covington

“Colby Is a F*****g Idiot”- Former UFC Champion, Tyron Woodley Mocks Colby Covington

Colby Covington

Colby Covington was supposed to fight for the title against Tyron Woodley after he became the interim welterweight champion. However, that fight did not happen because Covington had to undergo surgery. Even after the TIll vs Woodley fight, Covington should have been the next in line for the title shot, but Kamaru Usman rose up to the occasion and fought Woodley.

After Usman beat Woodley, Covington was the obvious choice for the number one contender since he was coming off an impressive win against Robbie Lawler. However, that fight almost fell apart. There was even a time when UFC considered Jorge Masvidal to fight for the title. Though part of this misfortune to Covington can be blamed for the injuries he suffered, he nearly lost his title opportunities against Usman because of the negotiations with UFC.

Colby Covington

As per Covington UFC offered him a basic pay to headline the main event at UFC 244 at MSG. Covington does believe that he gets the attention of the fans with his fight promotion and therefore he deserves a better payday than what he was offered. Well, former welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley mocked at Covington’s chances at winning negotiations with UFC and said:

“Colby is a fucking idiot. He had a deal. I am even surprised they gave him that deal. He has never proved that he can be a draw. He has never had a pay per view coming and said because Colby Covington was on the card and the bullshit he did it cause us to go up to 600,000 buys. He has no analytics on that.”

Woodley also criticizes Covington’s negotiation with UFC and said “He(Covington) thinks he is brawler shot caller. He goes on and says I want basically three times that amount and pay for view with no interim belt. (If I were there)I would have let him finish and said F**k him off. You can not overshoot your value

Colby Covington does bring interests among the fans with his heel persona and many fans do tune in to watch him lose. The pay per view number for Covington vs Lawler does not answer the question of how big of an attraction Colby Covington is. However, it also can not be said that Covington is one of the biggest draws in UFC since he has not been a part of any big cards.

“You can not overshoot your value,” comments Woodley on the negotiation between UFC and Colby Covington.

After weeks of dramas, the fight between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman has been made official for the main event of UFC 245.

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