Confused About Backwards Compatibility on PS5? Sony Explains How It Will Work

October 10, 2020 4:37 pm

Sony has announced that about 99% of its 4000+ games collection will be available on the next-gen PS5 via backwards compatibility. Although until now Sony was silent on how this feature will work, they have now released a brief FAQ blog to explain the feature to users.

Coming just a few weeks ahead of the console’s launch, the post is definitely going to make it easier for PlayStation 4 users to upgrade to the next-gen PlayStation. Since Microsoft has been constantly making deals with large development studios like Bethesda and EA to expand its game library, Sony had to respond soon.

Therefore, the backwards compatibility aims to ensure that PS4 users won’t have to buy their favorite games again. Hence, they will be able to access all these games on their PS5 from day one.

Gamers can play PS4 games on PS5 with an even better experience

Sony has announced that PlayStation exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us II or God of War (2018) are just a few blockbusters that will be available to PS5 users starting day one.

Additionally, players will also be able to transfer their saves from PS4. They can do so using the cloud services as well as external storage using USB.

The backwards compatibility will be available on both the editions of the PS5. Players can access their previously purchased digital copies of the games from the PlayStation Store. On the other hand, they can play their disc-based games by inserting the CDs into the PS5’s Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. Sony adds that the gaming experience on both the devices will be same.

Sony also claims that PS4 titles will be better on the next-gen consoles. The loading speeds will increase along with more stable frame rates. The titles with backwards compatibility also include a large variety of PS VR games. To play these games, however, players will need to purchase the PS camera for PS4 separately.

Finally, the Remote Play from PS4 to PS5 and PS Now streaming will also be supported. The benefit of streaming is that players can save their storage space on PS5.

Thanks to backwards compatibility, players can save hundreds and thousands of dollars while upgrading to the PS5. This will definitely influence current PS4 users to upgrade to the PS5.

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