“Congrats on The Fight”-Michael Bisping Reveals Bizarre Triple X Movie Shoot

June 4, 2020 10:21 pm

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping looked back at the bizarre circumstances under which he fought Luke Rockhold. Fresh of a win against Anderson Silva, Bisping had just accepted a role in the movie Triple X starring Vin Diesel. Bisping quickly got the news that Chris Weidman had pulled out the fight and ‘The Count’ became the middleweight champion.

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“That for me was the highlight of my career”-Michael Bisping

“Me beating Anderson Silva especially in long and the way the fight went down that for me was the highlight of my career.i was fortunate enough to book a movie with vin diesel.im up in Toronto and Ariel Helwani texts me.i was actually in a mall and I’m looking for some walkie talkies for my son.so I was looking for walkie talkies and Helwani texts me and says hey Chris Weidman is out of this fight with Luke Rockhold.so I text Dana white and I said whenever they make it I’m in”.

“He texts me back and said Jacare is our first option and he if he doesn’t take it you’re in. And I’m like there’s no way he’s turning that down. So I’m at my mate’s house, watching football having a couple of bevies. And the next morning I wake up and I have to be on set that night, and I’m in the gym having a Lil workout in the Sauna sweating all the alcohol out.and my phone starts lighting up like a Christmas tree. Congrats on the fight “ said Bisping to BT Sport

Bisping is considered as a legend in the MMA world. He showed true courage after he revealed he fought several fights with just ‘one eye’. Bisping has now moved onto commentary and has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry.

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